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ADIGS Gas Key Retrofit Kit (SKU: T1600)ADIGS Gas Key Retrofit Kit (SKU: T1600)The ADIGS™ (Adjustable Drop In Gas System) is Designed for AR10 / AR15 Direct Impingement Gas Systems. It simply replaces any standard gas key and allows you to easily and precisely adjust gas pressure.
AR Emergency Repair Kit (SKU: T1423)AR Emergency Repair Kit (SKU: T1423)This AR Emergency Repair Kit contains the parts that are most frequently lost or broken on AR-15 Rifles. Includes: Enhanced Extractor Spring, Take Down Detent and Spring, Firing Pin Retaining Pin, Buffer Retaining Pin and Spring, Hammer/Trigger Pin Set of 3 Gas Rings for Gas Impingement Rifles
AR-15 Bolt Release Lever (SKU: T1355)AR-15 Bolt Release Lever (SKU: T1355)This AR-15 Extended Bolt Release Lever allows right-handed shooters to release the bolt catch without having to reach over the top of the AR-15 to close the action. Designed by Bob Hahin; designer of the Original Bob Sled!
M4/M16/AR15 Extractor Upgrade Kit (SKU: T1462)M4/M16/AR15 Extractor Upgrade Kit (SKU: T1462)The M4/M16/AR15 Extractor Upgrade Kit eliminates known extraction problems in the M4/M16/AR15 family of weapons. Simply replace the stock extractor spring with the extra power spring, plunger and O-ring. Enhances extraction power by more than four-times.
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