Redding Competition Bullet Seating Die
Redding Competition Bullet Seating Die
Competition Seat Die - PistolCompetition Seat Die - Rifle
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The Redding Competition Bullet Seating Die has quickly established itself as the "state of the art" in straight line bullet seaters. This design, covered by U.S. Patent No. 4,862,567, has beat the concentricity problems inherent in all other seating dies of this type.

Tighter manufacturing tolerances have been made possible due to the details of the patented seating stem system. The bullet guide to seating stem fit is so precise that the seating stem can actually be demonstrated to "float" on a column of air. The seating stem is precision ground to exactly match bullet diameter. No seating die on the market is built to this level of precision. Alignment and accuracy are enhanced by the cartridge case and bullet being completely supported and aligned in a close fitting, precision ground sleeve before the bullet seating begins.

Zero Set Feature "Zero" Set Feature
The micrometer is calibrated in .001" increments for precise seating depth and is infinitely adjustable (without clicks). The micrometer also has a "zero" set feature that allows you to zero the micrometer to your rifle or favorite seating depth.

Precision ground seating stem is spring loaded to provide positive alignment bias to the bullet's tapered ogive, assuring the straightest possible bullet alignment.
The seating stem shape has been optimized for a wide range of bullet profiles.*
The micrometer adjustment simplifies setting and recording of various seating depths.
The extended 7/8-14 threads on the die body, ensure compatibility with most popular progressive reloading presses.
* Not recommend for use with wad cutter or semi-wad cutter bullets.

Compatible With Progressive Presses
The Competition Bullet Seating die is compatible with all popular progressive reloading presses. The industry standard 7/8–14 threaded die bodies have been slightly extended to allow full thread engagement of the lock ring.

Redding Competition Bullet Seating Dies are priced as follows:
Dies for straight walled pistol/rifle cartridges = $95.95
Dies for bottleneck rifle cartridges (Category I *) = $119.95

? Wondering just how good these bullet seating dies are compared to those from other manufacturers? Read the evaluation at the link below!
Salazar, German A.; "Seating Die Induced Runout - A Comparison"; The Riflemans Journal; September 5, 2008. Click Here To Read

! Plan on using Redding Competition Bullet Seating Dies on a Dillon 550 or 650 press, or an RCBS Pro 2000 press? Check out our Toolhead Clamp Kit™. With the toolhead clamped, you will achieve the full benefit of the seating die's micrometer adjustment capability.

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Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Great Seater DieI bought this die for AR15. I was getting a lot of runout seating 77 grain TMKs. After swithitching to this die my runnout has dropped to consistently less than .003". Just what I needed to get the most accuracy I can out of my rifle. I'm working on a 750 yard load and I'm confident I can do it with this die. Great price from Uniquetek as well. Thanks! Written by Jason on Fri 25 Aug 2017 3:11:56 PM GMT
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