Cowboy Screwdrivers
Cowboy Screwdrivers
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These unique Cowboy Screwdrivers™ were designed and made by a Cowboy Action Shooter (Lefty Dude - SASS #51223). He designed them to be handy for quick repair on the field of competition for his rifle, shotgun and pistol. They fit in the shell loops of the shooters belt, so are always with the shooter and handy for immediate use.

The 1/4" bit will fit 90% of all screws for cowboy guns. It is also helpful in the extraction of jammed cartridges in lever rifles. The hardened bit is crimped into the mouth of the case with just a bit of super glue, so it can't come loose and fall out.

The Cowboy Screwdriver is made from real brass cartridge cases and is available in sizes to fit .32/.38 loops or .44/.45 loops in the shooters belt.
• The .32/.38 screwdriver is made from a Winchester .25-35 case.
• The .44/.45 screwdriver is made from a .30-40 Krag case.

.45-70 GOVERNMENT Cowboy Screwdriver — $19.95
The Cowboy Screwdriver is also available made from a nickel plated .45-70 Government case. A stainless steel screwdriver bit holder is crimped and epoxied into the case mouth so the 1/4" hardened bit is removable. The bit is held in place both magnetically and with a snap ring so it won't ever fall out or work loose. In fact, should you ever need a replacement bit or want to install a different size bit, you will need a pair of pliers to get it out. The tip is also magnetized and can be used as a pick-up tool for any steel screw or small part.

Cowboy Screwdrivers on Gun Belt
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"I have previously purchased a few of these screwdrivers from y'all and find their function to be perfectly suited to cowboy shooting. I consistently wear one on my belt when competing, finding them to be most useful and convenient."
— Jerry D. (SASS Alias: General Lee Smokey) – Jacksonville, FL

Cowboy Screwdrivers and the Cowboy Screwdrivers logo are trademarks of Lefty Dude - SASS #51223
Assembled in the US from parts made in the US and other countries.
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