StripLULA for AR-15/M-16
StripLULA for AR-15/M-16
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Now Works with GECO Stripper Clips!

The StripLULA™ allows you to load .223 caliber (5.56mm) ammo on stripper clips into AR-15/M-16 magazines with unmatched speed - 30 rounds in 12 seconds! StripLULA™ is the fastest, easiest-to-use stripper clip loader on the market, and it fits in your pocket.

Features & Benefits:
The quickest simplest strip loader available today
Also loads loose rounds.
Ultra compact - 1/3 the size of similar loaders
Fits Most AR-15/M-16 metal and plastic magazines ^
Durable glass-reinforced polymer
Eliminates finger pain or injury
Works all metal and plastic stripper clips

New Universal Design works with ALL Stripper Clips Including:
GI Metal Stripper Clips
GECO Plastic Stripper Clips
THERMOLD® plastic stripper clips

The StripLULA™ works with:
^ NATO STANAG 4179 / USGI, HK416, SA-80, Beretta AR 70/90, P-Mag, Thermold, SIG SAUER, Lancer L5, etc.
Will NOT work with Mission First Tactical Poly Magazines
† Will not work with the gray plastic stripper clips that come with GECO ammo.

The StripLULA™ will NOT work with:
Original Ruger Mini-14 mags.
ArmaLite AR-18/AR-180 mags.
For these two magazines, use the StripLULA for Mini-14.

StripLULA loading loose roundsAlso Loads Loose Rounds!
StripLULA™ allows you to load .223 caliber ammo on both stripper clips AND loose rounds! The channel supports the base of the individual cartridges preventing them from toppling over, becoming misaligned or jamming.

StripLULA unloading magazine Unloads Magazines Too!
The StripLULA™ can also be used to unload magazines. Just use the tab on the bottom of the StripLULA™ to release each round out of the magazine. For even easier, faster unloading, try the LULA™ Loader/UnLoader Accessory.

Watch the StripLULA™ in operation!

Don't Forget The Stripper Clips!
THERMOLD 10-round stripper clips for .223/5.56mm cartridges. Works perfectly with the StripLULA™. Made from black Zytel nylon so there is no brass tab to break off! Click Here!

LULA, StripLULA and UpLULA are trademarks of maglula Ltd., Israel.

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fastes ar mag loader their isthese have been around for 5 or 6 years Written by John on Thu 1 Feb 2018 12:31:38 AM GMT
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