Thumb Saver™
Thumb Saver™
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Finally, a simple solution for preventing sore thumbs and reducing loading time with .22 LR magazines! Simply slide the Thumb Saver™ over magazine and depress with your thumb. The Thumb Saver™ compresses the magazine spring with minimal force, reducing thumb fatigue and allowing quick and easy loading. The Thumb Saver™ also allows you to "top up" magazines, not just fill empty magazines.

Thumb Saver™ Fits The Following .22 Magazines:
Ruger MK I, MK II, MK III and MK IV
Ruger 22/45
Browning Buckmark & Challenger III
Colt Woodsman & Huntsman
High Standard Sport King, Supermatic & Target Models
AMT Lightning
S&W 22A, 22S and 22 Victory†
Beretta U22 Neos

† YES! The Thumb Saver™ works perfectly on the new S&W 22 Victory!

Customer Feedback
"Thumb Savers, are the best one we have used to date. Easy to use. I used one on the Army Pistol Team. All the the members of the Illinois State Junior Pistol Team use them."
— Jim H. - Glen Ellyn, IL

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Features Benefits
Simple Compact Design Easy to Use
Compact Easy to Carry
Lanyard Hole Keeps you from Loosing It!
Symetrically Designed Ambidextrous
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