Rigid Recoil Rod for GLOCK
Rigid Recoil Rod for GLOCK
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The Rigid Recoil Rod for GLOCK® eliminates recoil tube flex. Competition shooters have recognized the need for the Glock plastic recoil spring tube assembly to remain rigid under recoil. The hotter the weather, or gun; the more the recoil tube flexes.

Eliminating the recoil tube flexing prevents the recoil spring from binding on the recoil tube, allowing complete compression of the recoil spring. This yields up to 25% less recoil, decreases lock up time up to 20% and reduces muzzle flip up to 20% ... because the recoil spring tube assembly is working the way it was designed to do.

The recoil tube in some Glock pistols has a permanent bow (just roll it across a flat table to test it). Even if your recoil tube has only a slight bow to it, it will not function as well as a perfectly straight recoil tube. The Rigid Recoil Rod will correct this, without needing to buy a new recoil spring tube assembly!

The Rigid Recoil Rod has been designed with a flared hook (patent applied for) that prevents the rod from backing out of the recoil tube. This eliminates the jamming that other rods, without this feature, caused.

Fits the Following Glock Models
The Rigid Recoil Rod comes in three lengths to fit the Glock models listed below. *
Rod 1: For Models 20 & 21. - Limited Inventory
Rod 2: For Models 17, 17L, 22, 24, 24C, 32, 34 & 35. - Sold Out
Rod 3: For Models 19, 23 & 32. - Sold Out

* The Rigid Recoil Rod will not fit any Gen. 4 Model Glock with the double captive recoil spring assemble.

NOTE: Although Rod 2 and 3 are no longer available, Rod 1 (2.94") can be easily cut down to Rod 2 (2.79") or Rod 3 (2.64") lengths. Just be certain to cut of the end of the rod that is not flared. This is hardened steel so a hack saw with a sharp blade will be required.

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