1050 Spent Primer Chute
1050 Spent Primer Chute
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The 1050 Spent Primer Chute™ replaces the plastic spent primer cup on the Dillon Super 1050 reloading press*. Spent primers are routed through clear PVC tubing into any convenient waste container. The 1050 Spent Primer Chute™ completely covers the spent primer ejection port, creating a fully enclosed pathway for spent primers … so they simply can't bounce out!

No more spent primers bouncing out and onto the floor when you reload!

Comes with 3 feet of clear PVC tubing, long enough to route spent primers to a container on, or under, your reloading bench. Route it to a 5-gallon paint pail and you won't need to empty the spent primers for a very long time! You can even drill a 1/2" hole directly under the press, run the PVC tubing through the hole, and place a container under your reloading bench where it is out of the way.

1050 Spent Primer Chute™ - Custom 3D printed in strong, durable ABS.
3 Feet of Clear 1/2" PCV Tubing
Installation Instructions

Easy Installation:
1. Remove the Spent Primer Cup and Spent Primer Cup Bracket.
2. Position the 1050 Spent Primer Chute™ and attach using the original screw.
3. Attach the tubing to the 1050 Spent Primer Chute™ and route to any convenient container under your reloading bench.

* For Super 1050 presses only. Will not fit on RL 1050 presses.
650 Spent Primer Chute Installation  
Recycle Those Spent Primers!
Primers are brass, not steel. A 2L Soda Bottle holds approximately 12 pounds of spent primers.
At the current recycling price for brass, that's about $18 per bottle!

Patent No.: US D762,803 S
1050 Spent Primer Chute is a trademark of UniqueTek, Inc.
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