Light-Load II Shellplate Illuminator
Light-Load II Shellplate Illuminator
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The Light-Load II™ illuminates the shellplate of your Dillon 550, 650 or 750 reloading press. It mounts in the central toolhead hole and shines light directly onto the shellplate so you can more easily see and monitor the reloading process. A neoprene bushing (included) supports the Light-Load™ in the central toolhead hole.

Powered by Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery
The Light-Load II™ is powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer (LiPo) battery*, which is more economical than the AAA battery of the original Light-Load™, and it has longer life between recharging. On the Low setting (recommended) you will be able to load for about 4 hours without interruption. And it can be fully recharged in just 45 minutes!

5 Light Levels
Ultra-Low: 2 Lm
Low: 22 Lm (The recommended setting for reloading.)
Medium: 230 Lm *
High: 550 Lm *
Strobe: 550 Lm *

* Steps down to 65 Lm after 2 min to prevent overheating and preserve battery life.
NOTE: If you need a bit brighter light than the Low setting, you can start at Medium, let it fall back to 65 Lm, and load there … but the battery life will be significantly reduced.

Also Fits in Any Unused Die Station!
The neoprene bushing supports the Light-Load II™ in any hole up to 7/8" diameter. For example, on an XL 650 or XL 750 press, the Light-Load II™ can be installed in the Station #3 die position if a Powder Check System is not installed.

Easily Moved!
Regardless of which press or toolhead location you install the Light-Load II™, it can be quickly and easily moved from one toolhead to another or one press to another.

Also Works on Hornady Lock-N-Load AP™ Press!
The Light-Load II™ also fits the central hole of the Hornady Lock-N-Load® AP™ press die plate.

Q: Can it be used with the charger attached during long reloading sessions?
A: Yes. Using the Light-Load™ II while plugged into a charger is OK occasionally. But operating continuously in this manner will result in overcharging and shorten the life of the LiPo battery.

Q: Can it be used on an RCBS Pro 2000 Press?
A: Yes. But it will require drilling a 9/16″ hole in the center of the die plate. The die plate is solid metal and plenty strong enough that this will not weaken the die plate.

Q: Can it be used on an RCBS Pro Chucker 5 or 7 Press?
A: Yes. But if you do not have an unused die station, it will require drilling a 9/16″ hole in the center of the die plate. The cast iron die plates are plenty strong enough that this will not weaken the die plate. You can similarly drill a hole in the aluminum UniqueTek CNC Pro Chucker 7 Die Plate.

Not Just for Reloading!
This LED Light was originally designed as a keychain light. In addition to a keychain light, you can use it multiple ways with the included accessories!
Lanyard: Hang it from you wrist.
Bead Chain: Hang it around you neck.
Reversible Clip: Clip it to your pocket or hat brim.

Note: Due to the close spacing of dies on the Dillon RL 550 press, there may be clearance issues if you have non-Dillon accessories installed on the toolhead. For example, the Light-Load II™ will not fit onto an RL 550 press that has been outfitted with a Hornady Case Activated Powder Drop.

* The Light-Load II™ comes with a USB cable but a charger is not included. Any USB charger (cell phone, tablet computer, etc.) with 350 mA or greater output can be use.

Light-Load and Light-Load II are trademarks of UniqueTek, Inc.
Length 2.16″ (54.8mm)
Diameter 0.57″ (14.5mm)
LED Color Bright White
LED Brightness Ultra-Low: 2 Lm
Low: 22 Lm
Med: 230 Lm *
High: 550 Lm *
Strobe: 550 Lm
* Steps down to 65 Lm after 2 min to prevent overheating and preserve battery life.
Battery Lithium Polymer (LiPo), 130mAh
Charge Time Approx 45 min (with 350 mA charger)
Charging Port Micro USB
Weight (with battery) 0.9oz (25.5g)
Material Polyamide Body / Stainless Steel Bezel
Color Grey
Water & Dust Resistance IP65
Mounting Bushing Neoprene, 7/8″ O.D.
Features Benefits
Bright White LED Lamp LED for Long Battery Life
Battery Powered No AC Power Near Powder & Primers
Fits 550 & 650 Toolhead Center Hole Convenient Centrally Located Light
Also Fits in Unused Die Location
(e.g. 650 Powder Check Station)
Great for Turret Presses
Pocket Clip Included For Use as a Pocket Flashlight

Customer Reviews

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Don't forget to turn it OFFWorks good till you forget to turn it off. Keep extra batteries by your bench as it's also a quick grab to for other uses.
Also - if not using Dillon lock rings it will be lifted up about 1/4" off the head by larger lock rings on the dies.
Written by R.C. on Fri 30 Nov 2018 5:55:17 PM GMT
I Like It Better That A Powder Check DieAbsolutely the slickest accessory for the 550B I have seen lately. UniqueTek is known to sell a lot of neat stuff, but this little light is right up at the head of the class. Personally I like it better that a powder level check die. I can see the powder and don't depend on a mechanical devise. Written by Walt VW. on Fri 1 Jun 2018 8:39:07 PM GMT
Really Helps Me See What's Going OnThanks for the Light-Loadâ„¢ Shellplate Illuminator. I use it for every loading session. Really helps me see what's going on. A must for every loader! Written by Mike L. on Fri 1 Jun 2018 8:34:29 PM GMT
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