Aligner Precision Sharpening System
Aligner Precision Sharpening System
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The Aligner™ provides all the right components to ensure consistent angles, precise edge bevels, and expert sharpening strokes. Designed for the ultimate in fast faultless knife sharpening.

Precisely Micronized Monocrystaline Diamond abrasive sharpens any edge with ease.
No messy oils needed — just use water.
The Blade Guide is adjustable to 7 angles, allowing you to select the correct angle for each blade.
Clamp Design firmly holds knives of nearly any size or thickness.
Serrated Sharpener Attachment allows sharpening of notched and curved blades.
Storage Case protects all components between uses.

Aligner™ Blade Guide
Stone Holder with Swivel Guide Rod and Cam Lock
Four, 4" Diamond Whetstone™ Sharpeners (Coarse, Fine, X-Fine and XX-Fine) *
Serrated Blade Attachment (Fine)
Durable Plastic Storage Case with Custom Cut Foam Insert
Complete Detailed Instructions
* Although only three sharpening stones are visible in the photo at right, all four stones are included in this kit.

XX-Fine Sharpener Yes! The XX-Fine Sharpener is Included!
The Aligner™ Pro Kit normally comes with only three of the available sharpening stones (Coarse, Fine and X-Fine). UniqueTek has a special arrangement with DMT to custom assemble this kit with the XX-Fine sharpener stone included!
The XX-Fine (3 micron / 8000 mesh) sharpener stone provides the finest polished edge. It was introduced in 2006 for those customers who seek the ultimate edge - a polish above the highest polish! It remains the finest bonded diamond abrasive on the planet.
Serrated Blade Sharpener Serrated Blade Sharpener Also Included!
The Serrated Blade Sharpener is tapered (0.25" to 0.0625" diameter) so it can sharpen serrations of any size. Just match the serration against the corresponding taper of the sharpener and make half-inch strokes. It features the same monocrystalline diamond impregnated surface as the other sharpeners in the kit.

Diamond Grit Descriptions & Color Code
Extra-Coarse (60 micron / 220 mesh)
Provides easy removal of material on a damaged edge.
Coarse (45 micron / 325 mesh)
To quickly restore a neglected edge.
Fine (25 micron / 600 mesh)
For a razor sharp edge.
Extra-Fine (9 micron / 1200 mesh)
To polish and refine a razor edge after sharpening with a coarser diamond.
Extra Extra-Fine (3 micron / 8000 mesh)
Provides the finest polished edge.
Watch This Video Demonstration On How To Sharpen Knives Using This Kit.

Customer Feedback
"Cannot believe I waited so long to put one of these in my "tool kit". I am an "old school" kind of guy. I love my whetstones and leather strop! And I will still use them."
"But in all my 52 years, I've not run across a faster, more accurate, sharpening system. I ran my Benchmade Griptilian through all 4 stones, and it is like a razor... literally. And that's before putting it to the strop!"
"It took a little while on the coarse stone to reset the proper bevel angle (messed up by the "sharpening tech" years ago at the place I bought the knife), but once reset, the other three stones only took a few minutes a piece."
"Consistent bevel from hilt to tip, and scary sharp! Just buy one!"
— Clay A. - Haughton, LA – [USPSA #L2682, KY5G] – (8/19/16)

Sharpener Material Monocrystaline Diamonds
Sharpener "Stone" Size 4.33" x 0.87"
Included Sharpeners Coarse, Fine, X-Fine, XX-Fine
Serrated Blade Sharpener Length: 4.44"
Taper: 0.25" to 0.0625" Dia.
Grit: Fine
Case Dimensions 7-5/8" x 6-1/2" x 2"
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