Redding Micro-Adjustable Taper Crimp Die
Redding Micro-Adjustable Taper Crimp Die
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The Redding Micro-Adjustable Taper Crimp Die provides the same micrometer adjustment to bullet crimp that the Redding Competition Bullet Seating Die has provided for bullet seating.

All the features you've come to expect from Redding!
Micrometer Adjustment – Simplifies making precise crimp adjustments.
Precision Machined Parts – For a consistent, uniform crimp.
Extended 7/8″-14 Threads – For compatibility with progressive reloading presses.

Reversible Internal Taper Crimp Sleeve*
An internal taper crimp sleeve is reversible to accommodate two different cartridges having closely related body diameters but different lengths. An example is the .38 Super Auto and 9mm. Reversing the sleeve is quick and easy. The crimp ring positions within the sleeve are designed to keep the micrometer near its center of range when changing from one cartridge to the other.
* The reversible taper crimp sleeve is only in dies for straight walled pistol cartridges.

Compatible With Progressive Presses
The Competition Bullet Crimp Die is compatible with all popular progressive reloading presses. The industry standard 7/8″-14 threaded die bodies have been slightly extended to allow full thread engagement of the lock ring.

Available for the Following Cartridges:
9mm Luger / .38 Super Auto † = $69.95Sold Out
.40 S&W / 10mm = $69.95Sold Out
.45 ACP / .45 GAP = $69.95Sold Out
.223 Remington = $79.95
.308 Winchester = $79.95Sold Out

† The 9mm/38 Super Auto die also works with 9x21, 9x23, 38 SuperComp, and 38 Todd Jarrett.

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