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Gun-tips™ are tough, reusable foam swabs engineered for cleaning firearms. Great for cleaning Trigger Assemblies, Pins, Levers, Slide Rails, Springs, Extractors and Tight Spaces. They eliminate messing with cotton tip swabs that leave fuzz behind.

Washable and reusable, they offer an economical method for keeping your firearm clean.

Gun-tips™ Features And Benefits:
Available in a variety of sizes.
Fiber free, will not shed or leave lint behind as cotton swabs will.
Each Gun-tip is reusable and can be cleaned with solvents* or soap and water.
Can be used with most commercially available firearms cleaning solvents* and oils.

How To Clean Gun-Tips™
Gun-tips can be used and cleaned multiple times.
For details on cleaning Gun-tips Click Here.

Gun-tips™ Extended Reach:
3/16″dia X 3/4″ tip X 6" handle; 24/pk (T1508-1) = $9.95/pk — SALE = $7.95

Customer Feedback
"I clean my 1911 each day that I shoot it. The .45 swabs [Bore-tips] are perfect for cleaning and mopping the barrel — no patches needed. The Q-tip like ones [Gun-tips] are great for getting into the nooks and crannies for my 1911 and revolvers too. They [Bore-tips and Gun-tips] clean up like a dream and are ready to go for the next time."
— Cristine McPhail. - AZ (SASS #89955)

* Gun-tips™ are NOT recommended for use with solvents designed to remove plastic. Gun-tips™ are NOT compatible with both G96 brand and aerosol solvents.
Gun-tips™ ARE compatible with UniqueTek Premium Firearms Cleaner™. It can also be used to clean Gun-tips™ after use.
Gun-tips is a trademark of Super Brush, LLC.
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