Bullet Seat Stem
For SWC and FWC Bullets
Bullet Seat Stem
Dillon "New Dynamic" Seat Die (shown with OEM seat stem)
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If you Reload .45 cal. or .38 cal. swaged or cast SWC (Semi Wad Cutter) bullets, and use a Dillon seating die, this is the seat stem for you!

This custom bullet seat stem contacts SWC bullets at the shoulder, yielding consistent alignment and seating of SWC bullet profiles. Fits the Dillon Bullet Seat Die and simply replaces the original seat stem. Installation takes just seconds. Can also be used to seat FWC (Full Wad Cutter) bullets.*

Precision CNC machined from 303 Stainless for years of use. An extra deep counterbore handles most any bullet. So you can reload the 185gr or 200 gr lead cast or swaged bullet without having to adjust your seating die.

Available Calibers:
.45 cal. - (T1561-45)
.40 cal. - (T1561-40)
.38 cal. - (T1561-38)

† This insert works only in the Dillon's "New Dynamic" Seat Die with removable die insert and reversible seating stem. It Does not work in Square Deal 'B' seat dies.
* This bullet seat stem will seat both SWC and FWC bullets equally well with the same end. It is not reversible.
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