Dillon XL 650 Case Chute Extension
Dillon XL 650 Case Chute Extension
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The Dillon XL 650 Case Chute Extension lengthens the original cartridge ejection chute, allowing you to use a larger container to capture loaded cartridges. Just set any convenient container on the bench and position it under the chute.

Attaches to XL 650 Chute/Bin Mount (#13470)
Extends Chute by 6.25″
End of Chute is approximately 7-3/4″ above bench with Dillon XL650-Only Strong Mount (#22052)
End of Chute is approximately 9-1/4″ above bench with Dillon RL550/XL650 Strong Mount (#22051)
Press Must be Mounted on a Strong Mount

What Works as a Container?
— The Cartridge Collection Bin for a Super 1050 press (shown in photo) works great and holds 3.4 times more cartridges than the standard XL 650 Cartridge Collection Bin!
— A standard .50 cal. ammo can will also fit under the Dillon XL 650 Case Chute Extension. Just fill it, close the lid and carry it away!

Note: Photo taken with press ram up for photographic clarity.

Don't Forget A Bin-Dam™!
Planning on using a cartridge collection for the Super 1050 or SL 900? Then don't forget to order a Bin‑Dam™. It will allow you to use 100% of the bin capacity. Click Here
XL 650 Press, Strong Mount and Akrobin appearing in the photo are not included. Made in USA Logo Made in USA Logo

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Material Aluminum - 20 Gauge
Length of Extension 6.25″
Width 7/8″
Depth 1″
Attachment Clamps onto XL 650 Chute/Bin Mount using 2 tabs that are crimped over the lip of the Chute/Bin Mount.
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