TRIM-IT II Deluxe Case Prep Kit
TRIM-IT II Deluxe Case Prep Kit
TRIM-IT II - Case Trimmer UnitTRIM-IT - Bench-Mount MotorTRIM-IT - 3-Sided Carbide Cutters for .223 and .308TRIM-IT - Caliber Dies for .223 and .308TRIM-IT - Primer Pocket Tool Set
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When you start using the TRIM-IT II, it will change everything you know about trimming brass. It can trim, chamfer, and deburr virtually any rifle or pistol case. Can your case trimmer do that? Probably not. Does your case trimmer have a built-in micrometer dial for supremely accurate and consistent cut-length control? No? Looks like you need a TRIM-IT II.

Built-in Micrometer Adjustment for cut-length control
Interchangeable Die System, allowing you to trim a wide range of cases with one unit
 Cutting Tool with 3-sided Carbide Blade that allows for a 15 degree inside case mouth chamfer and 45 degree outside chamfer.
Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum. This baby is built to last!
100% Forever (Plus 90 Days) Manufacturer's Guarantee
Made Entirely in the good ole' US of A!

Deluxe Case Prep Kit Includes:
This special Deluxe Case Prep Kit includes the TRIM-IT II WITH caliber dies for .223 and .308, AND Cutting Tools for both .223 Remington and .308 Winchester PLUS the Bench‑Mount Motor PLUS Case prep Tool Set! So you'll have everything you'll need to trim and prepare primer pockets, right out of the box.

Caliber Dies:Caliber Dies Caliber Dies are included for;
— .223 Remington
— .308 Winchester.

Cutting Tools with 3-Sided Carbide Blade:3-Sided Carbide Blades
The Cutting Tools have a 3-sided Carbide Blade that allows for a 15 degree inside case mouth chamfer and 45 degree outside chamfer. Cutting Tools are included for both .223 Remington and .308 Winchester. With two Cutting Tools, changing calibers is fast and easy.

Bench-Mount Motor:Bench-Mount Motor
The TRIM-IT Bench-Mount Motor is battery operated and runs at 450 rpm, allowing you to trim your brass quickly and cleanly. It features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 4 hours per charge. This bench-mount motor is the perfect tool to power your TRIM-IT II.

Case Prep Tool Set:Case Prep Tool Set
The Case Prep Tool Set includes all the primer pocket tools for both large and small primer pockets … and a 3/8″ to 8/32″ adapter.
Primer Pocket Reamers †
Primer Pocket Uniformers †
Primer Pocket Cleaners †
3/8″ to 8/32″ Adapter
† For both Small and Large Primers.

Need to Trim 300 AAC Blackout?Caliber Dies
All you need to convert the TRIM-IT II Deluxe Case Prep Kit for 300 AAC Blackout is a Caliber Die.
Price = $19.95            Now in Stock!

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