30 Cal Rifle Powder Funnel
30 Cal Rifle Powder Funnel
Cutaway View Showing Detail of ExpanderClose Up of ExpanderClose Up of Top End308 Winchester30-06 Springfield30-30 Winchester30 Savage7.62x39mm300 Blackout
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This 30 Cal Rifle Powder Funnel was invented out of frustration with powder bridging issues while loading rifle cartridges. It features an internal profile that is more conducive to smooth powder flow, PLUS an integral case neck expander … which is not found in OEM rifle powder funnels.

Fits in the Dillon Auto Powder Measure and works on Dillon RL 550, XL 650, RL 1050 and Super 1050 presses.

Designed to work with any cartridge that uses .308"-.312" projectiles and geared toward reloading for semi-automatic rifles.* Expander is sized at .3085" +/- .0005". Subsequently it is advisable to use a crimp. Both boat tail and straight projectiles can be used. Neck expansion will be sufficient for installing projectile manually or by means of a Mr. Bulletfeeder.
*However nothing precludes you from using it for bolt action rifles.

Three Spacers Included
3 SpacersThree Spacers (0.500″, 0.625″ and 0.750″) are included to accommodate short cartridges (e.g. 300 AAC Blackout, 7.62x39mm, 300 WSM). Simply drop the needed spacer into the powder die on top of the 30 Cal Rifle Powder Funnel.

Precision Machined from 12L14 Steel
Hardened to RC55+
Expander Tip Dimensions: 0.3085" +/-0.0005"
Highly Polished Expander Tip for Smooth Release
Smoother Interior for Smooth Powder Flow
Drop In Replacement for Original Dillon Rifle Powder Funnel

Note: Short-necked cartridges, like 300 Savage or 300 Win Mag, will not reach bottom of the expander portion of the funnel. However, the Powder Measure will be activated via shoulder of cartridge.
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