Reloading Components
Reloading Components
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300 AAC Blackout Brass (SKU: T1523)300 AAC Blackout Brass (SKU: T1523)300 AAC Blackout brass. Precision formed from quality Lake City 5.56 brass. Unprimed. 250 count bag.
5.56/.223 Lake City Brass (SKU: T1524)5.56/.223 Lake City Brass (SKU: T1524)Various Lake City headstamped 5.56/.223 military brass once-fired, reprocessed: cleaned, sized, primer pocket swaged to remove crimp and trimmed. Unprimed. 250 count bag.
Bang and Clang Bullets (SKU: BangAndClangBullets)Bang and Clang Bullets (SKU: BangAndClangBullets)BANG and CLANG manufactures high-guality cast lead bullets for Cowboy Action and other shooting sports where a lead bullet is desired. Available Sized & Lubed or Sized & Coated.
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