Dri-Slide® Improved Weapons Lubricant

Dry is Slicker!


Dri-Slide® Improved Weapons Lubricant is a versatile penetrating formula of Super Fine grade Moly (Molybdenum Disulfide) and Graphite with rust and corrosion inhibitors in a fast-evaporating carrier solvent.

Newly reformulated in December 2006, specifically for the requirements of weapons lubrication. The advantages of this new formulation are:
Reduced Coefficient of Friction
Longer Lasting Lubrication Film
Can be Applied to Hotter Surfaces (up to 125°F/51°C)
Requires Less Agitation

Another factor determining a moly lubricant’s effectiveness is the ability of the carrier to creep into small openings and deliver the moly particles uniformly to all surfaces. The liquid carrier in Dri-Slide® Weapons Lube has been specifically formulated to assure uniform moly distribution.

In tests of weapons lubricants conducted during the Persian Gulf War, Dri-Slide® moly was named the best "for all parts that dust may get to: trigger groups, bolt carriers, operating rods, slides and barrels of pistols, M16 upper receivers, and for internal parts operating at high speeds and temperatures." Soldier of Fortune, February, 1991

Dri-Slide® Improved Weapons Lubricant goes on wet, penetrating into even the smallest spaces, and stays on dry after the liquid carrier evaporates. Dri-Slide provides long-lasting dry film protection, outlasts oily lubricants, does not attract dirt or dust, prevents rust and corrosion, and promotes a clean bore.

Coating bores with Dri-Slide® Improved Weapons Lubricant will;
Increase muzzle velocity
Significantly reduce fouling
Increase barrel life
Quicker and easier alternative to Moly coated bullets.

Use Dri-Slide® Improved Weapons Lubricant on the main shaft (ram) and pivot pins and your press will operate smoother than ever before! And since it is a dry film, there is nothing to dry out, gum up, or collect dust or powder residue. We recommend cleaning off any remaining oil based lubricant (UniqueTek Premium Firearms Cleaner™ works great for this) before applying Dri-Slide®.

Dri-Slide's broad range of uses makes it popular not only as a weapons lubricant, but for industrial and aviation applications, as well. It is the most widely specified dry film lubricant in aviation maintenance manuals.

As Mentioned In:
Rifle Sporting Firearms Journal, "Lubrication" by Gil Sengel, November 2008, vol. 40, no. 7, pages 32-37. Click Here to Read

Customer Feedback!
"A few days ago, I brought out my 1911 that had been liberally coated with [product name redacted] and found that it was really stuck up and sluggish! It actually smells rancid! It was touted as the best thing that a shooter ever had! I will NOT use that lubricant again! Don't know why I switched! The Dri-Slide I had been using for 50 years was working great!" — Alan F. – South Fork, CO

"Thank you for the prompt shipment of your Dry-Slide. It was sent to our son in Afghanistan. It is the only lube he will use on his rifle." — Nick & Linda M. – Woodbourne, NY

"Best stuff I found, because hardley any sand, dust, or debris sticks to it. It also will not gum up like the oil based lubes do, after sitting in the safe awhile." — Bob M. – Phoenix, AZ

"The original Dri-Slide used in the Vietnam War was a Godsend. I speak from personal experience... This stuff is even better!" — Stephan E. – Spokane Valley, WA

Dri-Slide® Improved Weapons Lubricant, 4 oz plastic bottle with Needle Applicator = $11.95

Shipping Restrictions:
Due to current shipping regulations, Dri-Slide® can only be shipped via UPS Ground. When placing an order that includes Dri-Slide®, please remember to select UPS Ground as the shipping method. Due to this shipping restriction, we also can not ship Dri-Slide® outside of North America regardless of shipping method.

Dri-Slide is a registered trademark of Russack, Inc. Made in Canada Logo

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  • Dry Film will not attract Dust, Sand or Grit
  • Quick and Easy to Apply
  • Needle Applicator gets into hard to reach locations
  • Effective temperature range: -20°F to +750°F (-7°C to 399°C)
  • Withstands up to 100,000 psi Pressure
  • Can be used as a Bore Treatment


Moly Concentration

12% by weight

Coefficient of Friction


Moly Particle Size

0.50-0.60 micron (Fisher No.)

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