High-Precision Electronic Powder Scale

0.02 Grain Accuracy!


The High-Precision Electronic Powder Scale is the perfect electronic powder scale for the handloader who demands top accuracy. It has an incredible 0.02 grain accuracy, 771 grain capacity and is compatible with powder trickling!

The High-Precision Electronic Powder Scale has features normally found only in expensive laboratory scales costing hundreds of dollars more. It has six user-selectable weight units including Grains, Grams, Carats, Ounces, Troy Ounces and Pennyweights. The large LCD display has a red electro-luminescent backlight that can be programmed for Always ON, Always OFF or ON only when weight is on the scale. A clear, flip-down lid protects the tray when the scale is not in use. It even has a built-in bubble level and all four feet are adjustable to ensure a solid and level placement on any table surface.

Q: Is the High-Precision Electronic Powder Scale compatable with powder trickling?
A: Yes! The High-Precision Electronic Powder Scale has a fast response time, so it updates the displayed weight quickly when trickling powder. It also has a fast "settling time" when any weight is placed on the scale.

Scale, powder pan, 20g calibration weight, AC Power Adapter*, hard plastic storage/carrying case and instruction manual ... plus a VibraKill pad. Batteries not included.
* Input: 100-240VAC / Output: 6VDC 200ma.

PLUS Before shipping, every scale is calibrated and subjected to a 4-hour burn-in/stability test. A copy of the test results is shiped with the scale. This is a service you won't get with any other powder scale supplier!

PLUS We include a copy of our free "Tips" file "12 Tips for Electronic Powder Scale Accuracy". It contains lots of information that will help you achieve optimum performance from your high-precision scale.

Customer Feedback
Gary Nicholson target "I think this product is the best scale I have ever bought. I shoot IBS 1000 yard competition and you need the best scale you can afford. I bought my scales from UniqueTek in 2008 and still working great. These scales helped me shoot a new IBS 1000 yard 10 shot Heavy Gun World Record on 7/27/13, SCORE 100 6X with a Group 3.353 inches" Gary Nicholson - Fairview, WV

"I must say the more I use the scales the more I like them, they are so quick to register and are far the best I have seen/used when trickling a charge. Thank you." Nick D. - Cliftonville, United Kingdon

"By the way, I have used [several other electronic powder scales] and none of these have proved as stable or as accurate as the High-Precision Electronic Powder scale. This unit is rock-solid, it never drifts or needs to be re-zeroed or re-calibrated during a handloading session. Just wanted you to know what a great product you have and I am a very satisfied user." Mitch C. - Durango, CO

"And yes, the scale really is that good. The first rifle I loaded for using the scale, the group size went from 1.25 inches down to 0.5 inches. When I showed the results to a fellow shooter and explained the new scale, he immediately pulled out his smart phone and went to your website. I suspect that you will be sending more of them to Maine." Robert B. - Harrison, ME

FREE! RCBS Powder Pan/Funnel
Although this scale comes with a powder pan, we are including an RCBS Powder Pan/Funnel (an $8.95 value) with each High-Precision Electronic Powder Scale ... at no extra cost!!! It has many handy features and makes a great accessory for any electronic powder scale!
Fore more details or to order one separately click here.
RCBS Scale Pan/Funnel

Order Information

Item Number




  • 771 grain Capacity / 0.02 grain Accuracy
  • Large LCD Display with Red Electroluminescent Backlight
  • Weighs in Grains, Grams and 4 additional units
  • Protective Flip-Up Cover
  • Auto Off is programmable (OFF, 1-9 minutes)
  • Stainless Steel Tray - Removable for Easy Cleaning
  • Leveling Feet on all 4 corners
  • Built-in Bubble Level
  • 30 Year Warranty
  • 20g Calibration Weight Included
  • VibraKill Included Free!



50g / 771 gn


0.001g / 0.02 gn


2d (+/- 0.002g / 0.04 gn)


2d (0.002g / 0.04 gn)

Stabilization Time

3 seconds (from zero)

Weight Units

g, gn, oz, ozt, ct, dwt

Scale Size

5.2" x 3.75" x 2.0

Tray Size

1.8" (46mm) diameter

Calibration Weight

20g (ASTM Class F2)


AC Adapter (included) or
4-AAA batteries (not included)


0.5 lb (without batteries)

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