Precision Powder Baffle™

For Dillon Powder Measures


This is the same Precision Powder Baffle™ we designed for our 2X Powder Hopper Tube™. It also fits inside the original Dillon powder hopper and provides a uniform flow of gunpowder to the powder bar.

Fits in both the Dillon Auto Powder Measure and "Belted Magnum" Powder System. It only takes a few seconds to drop it down into the bottom of the Dillon powder hopper. The powder hopper is not modified and your Dillon Warrantee will not be effected.

Read a review of the Precision Powder Baffle™ in the following publication!
IHMSA News; Volume 19, Issue 5, June 2008, Page 8. Click Here to Read

Customer Feedback
"I ordered 2 of your powder bar micrometers and powder baffles last week. I installed those per the instructions. WOW, what a difference. I just shot 2 different loads...the first used without this combination, yielded an SD of 20. The second, after the conversion yielded an SD of 13. That is after the first loading. After some additional seat time, I am sure I will get this to single digits."

"I am very impressed, and just placed orders for 4 more of these, as well as a lock/clamp system [Toolhead Clamp Kit]. I have 4 different Dillon Loaders, and have always been stymied by the lack of consistency in the amount of powder dropped by the factory system."

"I wish I had found you guys 10 years ago."
— Chuck E. - North Wilkesboro, NC (10/14/15)

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  • Durable 20 Gauge Aluminum
  • Water-Jet Cut to Precise Dimensions
  • Easy to Install

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