Mag Cleaning Brush & 12 Gauge Shotgun Chamber Brush


Magazine Cleaning Brush
The Arredondo Accessories Mag Cleaning Brush is perfect for cleaning double-stack pistol magazines. Just disassemble the magazine and run the brush through the magazine tube a couple of times to clean out all the dust, dirt, grit and powder residues. The handle also has a convenient base pad removal tool that makes magazine disassembly easy.

Also Works GREAT as a 12 Gauge Shotgun Chamber Brush!
Just push in and pull out, and your shotgun chamber and forcing cone are clean! The Nylon bristles are stiff but springy and won't take on a set like bronze bristle chamber brushes can. The bristles are also compatible with all types of gun cleaning solvents. The 1.5" diameter brush places plenty of bristle force against the bore to thoroughly clean even extreme overbored barrels. The brush is 8" long so cleans both the chamber and forcing cone with a single action.

Here is what Gary Douthat (SASS Alias "Ringer") and 2009 Frontier Cartridge National Champion had to say about it.

"The brush worked great!! After having 3 hulls stick the first day, which cost me a bunch of time, I started using the brush the second day. After each stage I would run the brush into each chamber twice. Sometimes straight in and sometimes trying a twist as I put it in and pulled it out. Can't say that I saw a difference either way. The brush was tight, but I wanted it to be and it seemed to clean the chambers great."

"I am happy to say that I didn't have another stuck hull and have since shot 1 local match using the brush in the same manner. Two swipes in each chamber. Not a stuck chamber since."

"I was able to clean my act up after the first day and I know the brush helped with that. I went on to finish the match and win the Frontier Cartridge category. If the hulls had continued to stick I doubt that would have been the case." — Gary Douthat - Morristown, TN

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