STINGER™ Monopod for Accuracy International Stocks

Leave the Sandbags at Home!

This Product Has Been Discontinued.

The STINGER™ Monopod is a portable, compact and easily installed monopod for the buttstock of Accuracy International stocks. It provides a seamlessly integrated, infinitely adjustable, and incredibly stable monopod that is always attached and ready to deploy with a single-handed operation.

The STINGER™ Monopod was designed as an easily attached, ever-present replacement for the bench and sandbags. Nationally recognized long range shooting champion John Whidden created this cleaver rifle accessory to provide the same stability for the back of the rifle that the bipod has made standard for the front.

The STINGER™ Monopod is a drop-in custom part that will give every shooter a stable shooting platform - anywhere! It is always ready to be used while being unobtrusively out of the way when it's not needed. Can you say that about a sandbag?

The STINGER™ Monopod brings added precision to any shooter's rifle: Tactical competitors, varmint hunters, law enforcement officers, and everyone interested in maximum accuracy.

Perfect for:
Squad Designated Marksman (SDM) rifles
Law Enforcement Observation and Sniping
Varmint Hunters
Target Shooters and Paper Punchers

The STINGER™ Monopod provides a tremendous improvement in accuracy and convenience by allowing the shooter to leave the sandbags at home and still be able to complete the "tripod" that is so important to stability. Every shooter who has a bipod in front will see the wisdom of getting the same for the rear. In fact, the accuracy advantage is so notable that the Stinger™ is not even legal for F-Class competition!

STINGER™ Monopods are manufactured by Whidden Gunworks, in their own shop, on their own CNC machines, to exacting quality specifications.
The lightweight housing is milled from 6061 aluminum with a black hardcoat anodized finish.
The adjustable monopod leg and foot are made from solid 4140 steel (not tubing) and is strong enough to withstand full recoil without bending or breaking.
The monopod leg has enough mass to deploy quickly when the locking lever is released, making deployment a one-handed operation.
The foot at the bottom of the monopod leg is micro-adjustable on a 1/4-20 thread and has a knurled rim for easy grip.
The unit is virtually maintenance free.

Stinger Monopod for AI
Fits AI rifles and the AICS (Accuracy International Chassis System) stocks for Remington 700 and clones.

It replaces two of the spacers used to adjust the length of pull.

The locking handle is positioned far enough forward from your shoulder that it doesn't "get lost" in your clothing. So the locking handle is a knob instead of a lever making it less likely to snag on anything.

Read about the STINGER™ Monopod in the following publications:
Rifle Sporting Firearms Journal, November 2008, vol. 40, no. 7, Inside Product News, Pages 106 & 108.
SWAT magazine, January 2009, (section and page not yet known).

STINGER™ Monopod for AR-15 & AR-10 Stocks
The STINGER™ Monopod is also available for AR-15 and AR-10 Rifle Stocks (A1 and A2 variants). Just click here.

STINGER™ Monopod for McMillan Stocks
The STINGER™ Monopod is also available for AR-15 and AR-10 Rifle Stocks (A1 and A2 variants). Just click here.

STINGER is a trademark of Whidden Gunworks. Made in USA Logo

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