Sure Site™ Clay Target Hangers

Clay Pigeons ...
Not just for shotguns anymore!


Sure Site™ Clay Target Hangers attach to most sizes and types of clay pigeons, including American Trap and Skeet targets, International targets, plus Midi and Mini targets.*

You can then hang them from 3/8" diameter rope, tree branches or anything you can get the clip to fit around. The thin profile (just 1/16" thick) makes it less likely that the hanger clip will be hit by a bullet.

Clay Target HangersClay Target Hangers

Clay Target Hangers (Pack of 10)† = $ 5.95
Clay Target Hangers (Bag of 100)† = $45.95
Clay Target Hangers (Box of 1500)† = $600.00 ‡

We now have Clay Target Hangers in Yellow! The high-visibility yellow color helps you find them in the event they flip off the rope. They are the same price as the black hangers. Just select the color from the drop-down menu at the bottom of this page.
Clay Target Hanger - Yellow

‡ Please allow 2 weeks lead time for 1500 count box.
† Clay pigeons not included.

* Will not fit "Rabbit" type clay targets as they have a thicker rim. Will not fit Duck (Battue) targets as they have no rim at all.

"Tips" File #11: "How to use Clay Target Hangers with a Target Stand"
Sure Site™ Clay Target Hangers are a handy and fun product. But at some outdoor shooting areas there aren't any trees or fence posts conveniently located on which to tie a rope for hanging the clay targets. This new "Tips" file describes of how you use a standard target stand, two furring strips and some rope to get the job done. Click Here to Download

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