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Hard Cast Lead Bullets for Cowboy Action and other shooting sports

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/K (Slash-K) manufactures high-guality hard cast lead bullets for Cowboy Action and other shooting sports where a lead bullet is desired. UniqueTek has partnered with /K to bring this line of quality lead cast bullets to the market.

Our Bullet Alloy: We use a 2% Tin / 6% Antimony / 92% Lead bullet alloy for casting all bullets. We buy bullet alloy directly from a local foundry that has the knowledge, equipment and experience to manufacture bullet alloy to exacting specifications. Since our manufacturing is close to the supplier, we can keep our prices competitive.

Our Bullet Casting: Our bullets are cast using only Magma Engineering commercial quality bullet casting machines with Magma Engineering bullet molds. These casting machines are the "industry standard" and yield bullets that are true to the mold, free of voids and have a nice clean finish.

Our Bullet Size & Lube: Our bullets are sized and lubed using a Magma Lube-Sizer and lubed with ZAMBINI® Red by Rooster Laboratories. ZAMBINI® has proven itself time and again to be the most effective lube you can buy for the prevention of barrel leading. With a 220ºF melting point, it will not melt out and kill your powder. It is a hard, tough formula which bonds securely to the bullet.

Inspection: Bullets are inspected before packaging to ensure quality. Any bullets that are dented, misshaped or don't have lubricant completely around the lube groove are culled out.

The result is high-quality bullets which are accurate, shoot well in any weather or climate and pleasant to handle when loading.

Customer Feedback
"The bullets from /K have been fantastic. Barrel leading waaaaay down and accuracy has been impressive for both the 9mm and .38 spcl. Keep up the great work and thanks for making all of these items available." — Jeffrey S. – Tucson, AZ

Bullet Description Price 1 & 2
1) All bullets are sold in lots of 1000.
2) Price shown does not include shipping. Shipping cost is $19.00 per 1000 bullets regardless of caliber or bullet grains. The prices in the drop-down menu below reflect the added shipping. All bullets are drop-shipped directly from Slash K using USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Box. Bullets can not be shipped via UPS.
9mm 115gr RN
Diameter: .356
.38 105gr FP Rattler
Diameter: .357
.38 125gr RNFP
Diameter: .357
.38 130gr RNFP
Diameter: .357
.38 158gr .357 SWC
Diameter: .357
.45 LC 200gr RNFP
Diameter: .452

Don't see a bullet here that you need? Just call us and we'll look into adding it to our list!

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The Cowboy Bullets logo is a trademark of UnqueTek, Inc.

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Prices shown are for lots of 1000 bullets and includes $19.00 flat rate shipping per lot.



2% Tin
6% Antimony
92% Lead

Brinell Hardness


SAECO Hardness


Bullet Lube

Zambini® (red)

All Prices in US Dollars

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