Omega 2-Speed Electric Powder Trickler


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Omega Powder Trickler LogoThe Omega 2-Speed Electric Powder Trickler makes powder trickling more enjoyable ... not just another tedious chore! Customers have stated, "It's like playing a video game."

Vibratory, not rotary, for more precise control.
2 Speeds: FAST for "catching up" / SLOW for single-grain control.
Adjustable Sliding Weight adjusts powder flow rate.
Remote Control Pad keeps your hands away from trickler and scale.
Adjustable to fit any balance beam or electronic scale.

Omega Powder Trickler Hopper
Hopper Unit
The hopper unit holds approximately 1000 grains of powder. It is mounted on a stainless steel rod and can be adjusted from 1" to 5.25" in height, and rotated 360 degrees to accommodate the many different powder scales, reloading benches, etc. The height and position of the powder trickler's hopper is easily adjusted using a thumb screw.

Omega Powder Trickler Base
A heavy steel base provides stability and dampens vibrations. Soft polymer feet prevent vibrations from transmitting to to the table, and keep the trickler from "walking" on smooth table surfaces. It can be used with either balance beam or electronic scales, including high-precision electronic scales with 0.02 grain accuracy. The base can be also positioned toward the rear, extending the discharge tube reach to a full 6".

Omega Powder Trickler Discharge Tube
Discharge Tube
The powder trickler discharge tube is 4-1/4" in length and the tip is angle cut, providing a clear view of the powder grains about to be dropped into the scale. This "preview" of the powder grains is key to allowing single-grain control.

Omega Powder Trickler Sliding Weight
Adjustable Sliding Weight
An adjustable sliding weight on the powder trickler discharge tube allows you to "fine tune" the trickle rate to accommodate the wide variety of powder grain densities, shapes and sizes. Get the same single-grain control regardless of the powder you use.

Omega Powder Trickler Control Pad
Control Pad
The powder trickler control pad has 2 switches - Low Speed (black) & High Speed (red). Use High Speed to push powder through in larger quantities at the beginning of the trickling process, then switch to Low Speed to trickle smaller quantities as you approach the final charge weight. At the slow speed, you can easily trickle single grains!

The powder trickler control pad is attached to with a 24" cable, allowing you to position the control pad where it is most convenient. Four polymer feet keep it from sliding on the table during use. The control pad also houses the 2, AA batteries, which power the trickler unit.

Customer Feedback
"For the match rifle shooter the Omega two speed trickler is not going to be beaten." — Lynn G. - Marengo, IL


The Omega log is a trademark of Dandy Products, LLC.
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Hopper Capacity

1000 grains (approximate)

Height (adjustable)

1" to 5.25"


4" (6" with base reversed)


2 (Fast and Slow)

Control Pad Dimensions


Control Pad Cable Length



2, AA Batteries (included)

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