DPM Recoil Reduction System

By DPM Systems Technologies

We currently have no idea when, or if this product will be available again in the US.

The DPM Recoil Reduction System is a direct replacement for the stock recoil guide rod and spring. It requires no gunsmithing or modifications to the firearm. The system works due to a unique multi-spring guide rod containing three springs. The second and third springs, which are contained within the guide rod, control the movement of the slide so it never rams into the frame.

Significant Recoil Reduction
Faster Follow Up Shots
Slide and Frame Protection
Elimination of Jams
Better Control and Greater Accuracy

♦♦♦♦♦  Currently Available for 52 Firearm Models!   ♦♦♦♦♦
See the full list in the drop-down menu at page bottom.

DPM System Graphic

On most models, two Interchangeable external springs are included so the owner can fine-tune the firearm for his/her personal standards and to adjust for heavy or light loaded ammo. The models for 1911 pistols come with 5 springs, allowing a greater range of fine tuning. Some units are captured rod systems and do not come with additional springs. All models have the patented triple spring recoil reduction system.

Customer Feedback
"I was ready to sell my Glock 31 (.357 SIG) until I installed the DPM Recoil Reduction System. It really tamed the beast!"
— Jessie J. - Gilbert, AZ

"RESULT with the DPM system!  PERFECTION and considerably less recoil!!!  Rapid firing as quickly as I could pull the trigger--same result, no FTF, FTE or slide stop issues whatsoever!" Love the DPM system!  Now, I'm going to see if you all have one for my sister's Glock 36.  I just purchased a Glock 34 (9mm), and I'm going to see if you have one for that also."
"Thanks again Lee!"
— Cary C. - Layton, UT

"I finally got a chance to take my Walther PPS and PPQ to the range today with the new rods installed. Boy what a difference! With the Q, I was able to have better groups (still room for improvement) since there was a lot less lift from the target line. I was also able to put shots in 6 – randomly spaced 3” discs on my target with my right hand only and with my left hand only. The right was a fairly quick (I’m right handed) and the left was okay and I hit each number in succession. Could not do that with greater recoil and rise control."
"I will be ordering another rod for the other PPQ I bought last week. Saw it in [a local gun shop] and couldn’t resist having two of the fine guns."
"BTW, I will be posting this info on the Walther Forum and the Defensive Carry Forum."
— Frank M. - Valley Center, KS

Included with each Recoil Reduction System:
Most Models: Recoil Reducing Rod with 2 Interchangeable External Springs.
1911 Models Only: Recoil Reducing Rod, Bushing Plug and 5 Interchangeable External Springs.
Captured Rod Models: Recoil Reducing Rod with 1 Captured Spring (Not Interchangeable). **

** Captured Rod Models: All Baretta models, CZ 75 P07 DUTY, Glock 29, all Jericho models, S&W SW99 3.5" Compact 9mm/40cal, Sig P226 X-Five, Taurus PT 92 Series Pistols, Walther P88 and Walther P99 3.5" COMPACT 9mm/40cal.

Prices: *
Most Models = $75.00 to $95.00
1911 Models = $110.00 to $115.00
2011 STI SVI SPS Models = $160.00
* See drop-down menu at bottom of page for price of the model to fit your firearm.

Manufactured by DPM Systems Technologies Ltd., Athens, Greece.

Not Available

This product is not available in this price set.


Guide Rod Material

Stainless Steel (W.-NR./Grade 1.4301(AISI 304)

Spring Material

High Carbon Steel with Cadmium finish

All Prices in US Dollars

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