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Bullet Dropper (SKU: T1581)Bullet Dropper (SKU: T1581)Already have a Mr. Bulletfeeder set up for one cartridge, but load multiple cartridges with the same caliber bullet? All you need to set up those additional toolheads is an additional Bullet Dropper and Powder Funnel.
The Bullet Dropper for the Mr. Bulletfeeder functions without any springs or plastic inner foot, which were the parts most likely to wear out or be damaged. The new design is gravity operated, and is extremely tolerant of user error, such as a longer brass being fed through
Caliber Conversions (SKU: T1576)Caliber Conversions (SKU: T1576)Conversion Kits are available allowing you to use your Mr.Bulletfeeder for more than just one caliber.
(See the Conversion Kit product page to select the correct kit for your caliber.)
Output Assembly (SKU: T1577)Output Assembly (SKU: T1577)The Output Assembly for the Mr. BulletFeeder securely attaches to the top of the Dropper by means of the Spring Adaptor Cap, which attaches and disconnects easily from the top of the dropper. An output Assembly is not included with Conversion Kits. All pistol calibers use the same Output Assembly. Rifle calibers use a different Output Assembly. (See the web page for complete details and to order the correct size Output Assembly.)
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