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.32 ACP Case Gauge (SKU: T1557).32 ACP Case Gauge (SKU: T1557)Case Gauge for .32 ACP. Precision CNC Machined from Stainless Steel to SAAMI Minimum Chamber Specs.
ARIES Powder Ram (SKU: T1308)ARIES Powder Ram (SKU: T1308)Powder Compression Die compresses powder before the bullet is seated, preventing bullet deformation and accuracy loss. Available for for rifle cartridges using .224, .243, .264, .284, .308 and .45 caliber bullet, and for 9mm, .38 cal. and .45 cal. pistol cartridges. See the product page for complete information and to order the correct die for your cartridge.
Arredondo Powder Drop Slide with Micrometer (SKU: T1267)Arredondo Powder Drop Slide with Micrometer (SKU: T1267)The Arredondo Accessories Powder Drop Slide with our Micrometer Powder Bar Kit preinstalled. For the Dillon Precision auto powder measure. See product page to order the correct version for your press.
Brass Wizard (SKU: T1310)Brass Wizard (SKU: T1310)The Brass Wizard™ gathers your spent pistol and rifle brass easily without bending over ore getting your hands dirty. Models available for mixed pistol brass, shot hulls and .22 rimfire brass!
CNC Pro Chucker 7 Die Plate (SKU: T1595)CNC Pro Chucker 7 Die Plate (SKU: T1595)This Die Plate for the RCBS Pro Chucker 7 reloading press is CNC Machined to precise tolerances from 6061-T6 aluminum. The die stations are threaded to a Class 2B fit. The die plate is solid, over 1" thick and flat on the bottom ... making it much stronger with less flex than a cast die plate.
Gun Storage Desiccant (SKU: T1529)Gun Storage Desiccant (SKU: T1529)Gun Storage Desiccant bags. Three (3) individually sealed bags per package. Each bag protects up to 3 cubic feet.
Light-Load Shellplate Illuminator (SKU: T1429)Light-Load Shellplate Illuminator (SKU: T1429)Battery-powered LED light illuminates your Dillon RL 550B or XL 650 shellplate. Also fits Hornady Lock-N-Load AP™ press. Can also be used on any progressive press with a vacant die mounting hole.
Microfiber Gun Cleaning Cloths (SKU: T1377)Microfiber Gun Cleaning Cloths (SKU: T1377)Microfiber Gun Cleaning Cloths are uniquely textured and designed specially for cleaning guns.
Moon Wizard (SKU: T1415)Moon Wizard (SKU: T1415)The Moon Wizard™ makes picking up moon clips fast and easy … without bending over. Telescopes from 7" to 36".
Mr. Shooter Manual Brass Marker (SKU: T1515-M)Mr. Shooter Manual Brass Marker (SKU: T1515-M)The UniqueTek Manual Brass Marker allows you to quickly stripe your brass for easy identification. Applies 1 Stripe . More affordable and compact than motorized brass markers. It easily fits into your gun bag for last minute marking of your brass at the range.
Pardini Thumb Saver (SKU: T1299-02)Pardini Thumb Saver (SKU: T1299-02)Finally, a simple and cost effective solution for preventing sore thumbs and reducing loading time with Pardini .22 LR magazines! Simply slide the Pardini Thumb Saver™ over magazine and depress with your thumb. The Pardini Thumb Saver™ compresses the magazine spring with minimal force, reducing thumb fatigue and allowing quick and easy loading.
Port-A-Stand 'Bracket' (SKU: T1426-B)Port-A-Stand 'Bracket' (SKU: T1426-B)The Port-A-Stand™ 'Bracket' is an ultra-compact, ultra-light target stand. You can easily take multiple sets with you in less space than a single conventional target stand. Just add furring strips and targets, and you are ready to shoot! NEW Black Nitride finish!!!   (Sold in pairs.)
Port-A-Stand 'H' (SKU: T1426-H)Port-A-Stand 'H' (SKU: T1426-H)The Port-A-Stand™ 'H' sets up in just seconds! Just rotate the legs into position, place on ground, and insert the target frame. There are no parts to assemble ... or lose. When done shooting, it quickly folds for easy transport and storage. You can even hang it on the wall using one of the stake holes! Traditional H-shape for maximum stability and wind resistance.
Port-A-Stand 'V' (SKU: T1426-V)Port-A-Stand 'V' (SKU: T1426-V)The Port-A-Stand™ 'V' sets up in just seconds! Just spread the feet, place on ground, and insert the target frame. There are no parts to assemble ... or lose. Accepts 1"x2" furring strips and supports standard 18" width USPSA/IPSC/IDPA/NRA D-1 Targets cardboard targets.
Reload Checker (SKU: T1554)Reload Checker (SKU: T1554)This Ammunition Reloading Gauge checks both .45 ACP and .38 Spl./357 Mag. … in one gauge. Quickly sort your handloads before the match and eliminate some of the problems that cost you points.
SOLO Single Stage Press Conversion Kit (SKU: T1553)SOLO Single Stage Press Conversion Kit (SKU: T1553)The SOLO™ Single Stage Press Conversion Kit converts your Dillon RL 550b or XL 650 press to a single stage press. This allows you to perform reloading operations that simply cannot be done using a Dillon progressive reloading press. (See product web page for details and to order the correct kit for your press.)
Stuck Case Remover Kit (SKU: T1663)Stuck Case Remover Kit (SKU: T1663)The UniqueTek Stuck Case Remover kit allows you to quickly remove stuck cases from sizing dies without damaging the Die Body or the Expander/Decap assembly. It is unique in that it utilizes the power of your single-stage press to remove the stuck case.
The Bullet Bin (SKU: T1446)The Bullet Bin (SKU: T1446)The Bullet Bin™ is an economical alternative to the Dillon Bullet Tray. Easily holds a full 500 count box of 9mm 124grain bullets ... with room to spare.
Thumb Saver (SKU: T1299-01)Thumb Saver (SKU: T1299-01)A simple solution for preventing sore thumbs and reducing loading time with .22 cal. magazines! Fits Ruger Mark I/II/III/IV and 22/45, Browning Buckmark & Challenger III / Colt Woodsman & Huntsman / AMT Lightning, S&W 22A & 22S and Beretta U22 Neos.
Ultra-Hanger (SKU: T1433-3)Ultra-Hanger (SKU: T1433-3)The Ultra-Hanger™ is perfect for hanging all of your heavy tactical, hunting or camping gear. Rated for over 100lb, so it won't break, dumping all your valuable gear on the floor! (See product page for ordering details.)
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