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0.05-Grain Enhanced Electronic Powder Scale with Powder Pan (SKU: T1391)0.05-Grain Enhanced Electronic Powder Scale with Powder Pan (SKU: T1391)The 0.05-Grain Powder Scale fills the gap between standard 0.1 grain accuracy scales, and high-precision 0.02 grain accuracy scales ... both in performance and price. It has 308 grain capacity with 0.05 grain accuracy
CTS-30000 Precision Counting Scale (SKU: T1445)CTS-30000 Precision Counting Scale (SKU: T1445)The CTS-30000 Precision Counting Digital Scale is suitable for a wide range of uses around the loading bench that your powder scale doesn't have the capacity to do ... for example counting the quantity of brass, bullets or loaded ammo in a bin or bag. Weighs in kilograms, grams, pounds and ounces.
RCBS Scale Pan/Funnel (SKU: T1250-P)RCBS Scale Pan/Funnel (SKU: T1250-P)The RCBS Scale Pan/Funnel. Molded from anti-static plastic with two pour spouts. Powder funnel accommodates .22 to .50 caliber cases.
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