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.32 ACP Case Gauge (SKU: T1557).32 ACP Case Gauge (SKU: T1557)Case Gauge for .32 ACP. Precision CNC Machined from Stainless Steel to SAAMI Minimum Chamber Specs.
.32 Caliber 78gr RN Bullets, Lubed - 500ct (SKU: T1607-01).32 Caliber 78gr RN Bullets, Lubed - 500ct (SKU: T1607-01)Bang and Clang bullets: .32 caliber 78gr RN Bullets — 500 count.
1050 Spent Primer Chute (SKU: T1346-1050)1050 Spent Primer Chute (SKU: T1346-1050)The 1050 Spent Primer Chute™ replaces the blue plastic spent primer cup on the Dillon Super 1050 reloading press. Spent primers are routed through clear PVC tubing into any convenient waste container.
22UpLULA (SKU: T1602)22UpLULA (SKU: T1602)The 22UpLULA™ pistol mag. loader & unloader is designed to load .22LR wide-body pistol mags. > 1/2″, like .22LR 1911 mags and other .22LR converted mags. It has the body width of the UpLULA™ but has a narrower metal beak designed for .22LR rounds.
2X Powder Hopper Tube (SKU: T1277)2X Powder Hopper Tube (SKU: T1277)The 2X Powder Hopper Tube™ doubles the powder capacity of the Dillon Auto Powder Measure or "Belted Magnum" Powder System.
550 Primer Track Bearing (SKU: T1571)550 Primer Track Bearing (SKU: T1571)The UniqueTek 550 Primer Track Bearing has a 1.4″ extension that supports the primer bar better. This extended support prevents the primer bar from "drooping" and binding while its in the "out" position. The UniqueTek 550 Primer Track Bearing is a drop-in replacement for the original Dillon Primer Track Bearing (part #14015) and takes just minutes to install.
550 Spent Primer Chute (SKU: T1346-550)550 Spent Primer Chute (SKU: T1346-550)The 550 Spent Primer Chute™ is a Spent Primer Chute for the Dillon RL 550B Press. Spent primers are routed through clear PVC tubing to any suitable container located under your reloading bench. Virtually eliminates spent primers bouncing out and onto the floor.
650 Spent Primer Chute (SKU: T1346-650)650 Spent Primer Chute (SKU: T1346-650)The 650 Spent Primer Chute™ replaces the blue plastic spent primer cup and bracket on the Dillon 650 reloading press. Spent primers are routed through clear PVC tubing into any convenient waste container, so spent primes simply can't bounce out onto the floor! Includes 650 Primer Chute™, 3' Clear PVC Tubing and Instructions. Note: Does not fit certain older model 650 presses. See product page for details before ordering.
Adjustable Tactical Grip (SKU: T1530)Adjustable Tactical Grip (SKU: T1530)The Adjustable Tactical Grip can be adjusted to 17°, 25° or 33°. Changing the grip angle can relieve stress on the shooter's wrist. This also allows the grip to accommodate a wide range of both shooting styles and shooter sizes. Fits all AR-15 Rifles. Colors: Black or Flat Dark Earth
AR <i>SLICKER</i> (SKU: T1543)AR SLICKER (SKU: T1543)The AR SLICKER™ is the latest in protective gear for your Tactical Rifle. Protects rifle and mounted accessories from rain, brush scratches, etc. Fits, tactical rifles from 30″ to 43&Prome; length ... including the M4 and other AR Carbines.
AR-15 Bore Guide (SKU: T1459)AR-15 Bore Guide (SKU: T1459)This AR-15 Bore Guide is machined from solid Delrin® for durability, chemical resistance and to prevent scratching either the rifle or cleaning rod. It has no O-rings that can rot and fall off in the bore or chamber. NEW DESIGN with Side Solvent Port!
AR15 Scraper (SKU: T1502)AR15 Scraper (SKU: T1502)The AR15 Scraper is specially designed to clean the entire bolt carrier group. The precise-sized grooves and cleaning edges perfectly fit 12 critical bolt carrier group surfaces for faster, easier cleaning. Compact, light weight and easy to carry.
BabyUpLULA (SKU: T1358)BabyUpLULA (SKU: T1358)The BabyUpLULA™ is a military-quality universal pistol magazine loader and unloader designed for loading virtually all* single-stack .22 LR up to .380 ACP (9mm Short/Kurz) rounds and magazines (no conversions).
Bin-Shelf (SKU: T1633)Bin-Shelf (SKU: T1633)The Bin-Shelf™ provides a platform to support the weight of the Cartridge Bin on Dillon XL 650 presses.
Blank/Starter Pistol Cleaning Kit (SKU: T1624)Blank/Starter Pistol Cleaning Kit (SKU: T1624)This Cleaning Kit contains all the items needed to clean Starter Pistols and Blank Pistols. Compact yet complete, it is handy to take with you to sporting events, dog training, etc. (See product page for details of kit contents.)
Breaux Target Bottle Targets (SKU: T1599)Breaux Target Bottle Targets (SKU: T1599)Breaux Target Bottle Targets™ are molded from Riceylene®, an organic material derived from rice, that is easily penetrated by rimfire and centerfire ammunition* yet doesn't shatter. Each Bottle Target™ can be shot many times. Packaged in a 6-pack.
Browning Hi-Power Recoil Buffer (SKU: T1662)Browning Hi-Power Recoil Buffer (SKU: T1662)S&W Recoil Buffer. Reduces felt recoil, enhances muzzle control and eliminates slide to frame impact. (4 per pack)
BUGBite Holster (SKU: T1591)BUGBite Holster (SKU: T1591)

The BUGBite holster was designed for maximum comfort and concealment.  Conforms to the shape of the human leg ensuring that your firearm is supported properly and securely. So comfortable you'll forget you are even carrying a pistol.

Bulk Powder Feed Kit (SKU: T1676)Bulk Powder Feed Kit (SKU: T1676)The Bulk Powder Feed™ Kit continuously refills your powder measure, keeping your powder hopper at a constant full level. It gravity feeds gunpowder directly from an 8lb or 4lb container.
Carbide Size Button Kit (SKU: T1448)Carbide Size Button Kit (SKU: T1448)Upgrade your Redding Standard and Type S dies with a carbide sizing button. Makes inside neck sizing smoother and easier without lubrication. (See product page to select the caliber you need.)
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