Counterfeit Warning !

From Maglula Ltd. Israel

Low quality Chinese counterfeit loaders cloning our patented UpLULA™ universal pistol magazine loaders are offered for sale on Amazon and eBay. Commingling (mixing) of genuine and counterfeit loaders in the same Amazon bin may result shipping of counterfeits. Please refrain from ordering loaders at Amazon or eBay until further notice.

If you suspect receiving a counterfeit loader, please take few pictures of packaging and loader and send it to We’ll let you know counterfeit or genuine.

Please shop at local gun stores you trust, and from companies we ship to direct: e.g. UniqueTek, Inc.

Also be cautious of counterfeits at weekend gun shows and markets. Some Chinese knockoffs are very similar to our own, deceivingly having ‘UpLULA’ and ‘Made in Israel’ embedded in them and packed in blisters similar to ours.

– All the loaders shown below are counterfeits. –
– Please return to counterfeits to Amazon, eBay or other and purchase from a trusted seller. –




4th Chinese

5th Chinese

6th Chinese