Recoil Control & Grips
AR-15 Recoil Control & Grips
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ACCU-Wedge (SKU: T1748-04)ACCU-Wedge (SKU: T1748-04)The ACCU-Wedge™ eliminates play between the upper and lower of AR-15/M-16 rifles.
Adjustable Tactical Grip (SKU: T1530)Adjustable Tactical Grip (SKU: T1530)The Adjustable Tactical Grip can be adjusted to 17°, 25° or 33°. Changing the grip angle can relieve stress on the shooter's wrist. This also allows the grip to accommodate a wide range of both shooting styles and shooter sizes. Fits all AR-15 Rifles. Colors: Black or Flat Dark Earth
LimbSaver Pro Handgun Grip System: Small Full (SKU: T1314-14)LimbSaver Pro Handgun Grip System: Small Full (SKU: T1314-14)A recoil absorbing cushioned grip that enhances grip on the handgun, while also reducing hand shock and recoil. (See main product page for a list of all Limbsaver® Grip sizes and firearms that each size fits.)
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