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Enhancements for the Dillon BL 550 Press
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550 Spent Primer Chute (SKU: T1346-550)550 Spent Primer Chute (SKU: T1346-550)The 550 Spent Primer Chute™ is a Spent Primer Chute for the Dillon RL 550B Press. Spent primers are routed through clear PVC tubing to any suitable container located under your reloading bench. Virtually eliminates spent primers bouncing out and onto the floor.
Bullet Seat Stem (SKU: T1561)Bullet Seat Stem (SKU: T1561)This custom bullet seat stem contacts SWC bullets at the shoulder, yielding consistent alignment and seating of SWC bullet profiles. Works equally well with FWC bullets! Fits Dillon Pistol Seat Die. Available in .45 cal., .40 cal. and .38 cal. (See web page to select the caliber you need.)
CNC Machined 550/650/750 Toolheads (SKU: T1333)CNC Machined 550/650/750 Toolheads (SKU: T1333)CNC machined toolheads for Dillon RL 550, XL 650 and XL 750 reloading presses. Made from solid 6061-T6 aluminum and machined to exacting standards.
Die Wrench for Dillon Presses (SKU: T1532)Die Wrench for Dillon Presses (SKU: T1532)The best and last die wrench you'll ever need for your Dillon press. Fits Both 1″ and 1-1/8″ Die Lock Rings.
Extended 550 Shellplate Bolt (SKU: T1737)Extended 550 Shellplate Bolt (SKU: T1737)An Extended Shellplate Bolt for Dillon RL 550 presses with bearing kits installed. (T1737)
Extended Die Lock Nuts (SKU: T1745)Extended Die Lock Nuts (SKU: T1745)Extended die lock nuts for when you need to put the die lock nut on the bottom of the toolhead. A 0.155″ shoulder gets the hex nut corners clear of the press frame. (T1745)
Floating Die 550/650 Toolheads (SKU: T1389)Floating Die 550/650 Toolheads (SKU: T1389)CNC Machined Floating Die Toolheads for Dillon RL 550, XL 650 and XL 750 presses. Size Die and Bullet Seat Die are floated for improved ammunition concentricity. Available only with Toolhead Clamp Kit™ parts pre-installed.
Foam Grip (SKU: T1527)Foam Grip (SKU: T1527)This foam grip cushions your hand yet provides good "feel" when seating primers. Fits both the Plastic and Aluminum Dillon Roller Handles … as well as most other press handles that are approximately 1" diameter and 4" to 5" long. Sold in a 2-Pack.
Light-Load II Shellplate Illuminator (SKU: T1731)Light-Load II Shellplate Illuminator (SKU: T1731)Battery-powered LED light illuminates your Dillon RL 550B, XL 650 or XL 750, Hornady Lock-N-Load AP™ or any progressive press with a vacant die mounting hole. ALSO MAKES A GREAT KEYCHAIN OR POCKET FLASHLIGHT! (T1731)
Loaded Round Counter (SKU: T1555)Loaded Round Counter (SKU: T1555)The UniqueTek Loaded Round Counter is an electronic counter for your Dillon press that counts only successfully loaded rounds ... not just press cycles. Can also be used on many other reloading presses that have: 1) Have a Crimp Die with an open top, and 2) Have a primer magazine tube or similar place on which to mount the LCD Display Module.
Open End Die Wrench for Dillon Presses (SKU: T1733)Open End Die Wrench for Dillon Presses (SKU: T1733)An Ope-End Die Wrench for  Dillon press. Fits Both 1″ and 1-1/8″ Die Lock Rings. Works on dies where a box-end wrench won't fit. (T1733)
Powder Bar Spacer Bolt Kit (SKU: T1751)Powder Bar Spacer Bolt Kit (SKU: T1751)Replaces the white plastic Powder Bar Spacer Plugs (#13921) on Dillon Powder Measures. Clamps the Spacer solidly in place … so it can't creep back and forth as the powder bar cycles.
4-pk: T1751-S
8-pk: T1752-L
Powder Funnel Cleaning Adapter (SKU: T1758)Powder Funnel Cleaning Adapter (SKU: T1758)This tool holds Dillon powder funnels so they can be spun up in an electric drill while cleaning brass residue off the tip … greatly speeding up the cleaning process. Fits into any electric drill with a 3/8″ or larger chuck. (T1759)
Primer System Tag (SKU: T1747)Primer System Tag (SKU: T1747)This Primer System Tag clips onto the primer feed system housing and gives you a 1″ x 3″ area upon which you can write the primer type. Comes bundled with 100 Jewelry Tags to label your Primer Pickup Tubes. (T1747)
Shellplate Bearing Kit (SKU: T1601)Shellplate Bearing Kit (SKU: T1601)The 550/650/900 Shellplate Bearing Kit smooths indexing and reduces play and wobble in the shell plate. It also reduces the "snap" when the index ball engages the shellplate … greatly reducing powder loss from cases on the shellplate.
Single Stage Powder Die Kit (SKU: T1702)Single Stage Powder Die Kit (SKU: T1702)This Custom Powder Die allows you to use Dillon style powder funnels on any single stage press. It also allows you to use 3rd party powder funnels that don't have a set screw groove near the top. It features a threaded cap that allows powder funnel to float. With the Cap removed, it can also be used with a Dillon Powder Measure.
SkyLight LED Lighting Kit for Dillon 550 (SKU: T1669)SkyLight LED Lighting Kit for Dillon 550 (SKU: T1669)This patent pending reloading press LED lighting system consists of a machined bushing with an embeddedhigh output LED pod which installs into the center hole of the toolhead. Super bright, straight down focused light, out of the way, no heat and does the job perfectly. For Dillon RL 550 presses.
SOLO Single Stage Press Conversion Kit (SKU: T1553)SOLO Single Stage Press Conversion Kit (SKU: T1553)The SOLO™ Single Stage Press Conversion Kit converts your Dillon RL 550, XL 650 or XL 750 press to a single stage press. This allows you to perform reloading operations that simply cannot be done using a Dillon progressive reloading press. (See product web page for details and to order the correct kit for your press.)
The Bin-Dam (SKU: T1359)The Bin-Dam (SKU: T1359)The Bin-Dam™ fits into the front of the Cartridge Collection Bin for Dillon, LEE and RCBS reloading presses. It keeps rounds from rolling out and onto the floor when the bin gets near full. Allows use of 100% of bin's capacity. Available in three sizes to fit the cartridge collection bins for SDB/550/650 presses, the 1050 press, and for the SL 900 Shotshell Loader.
The Bullet Bin (SKU: T1446)The Bullet Bin (SKU: T1446)The Bullet Bin™ is an economical alternative to the Dillon Bullet Tray. Easily holds a full 500 count box of 9mm 124grain bullets ... with room to spare.
Toolhead Clamp Kit (SKU: T1230)Toolhead Clamp Kit (SKU: T1230)The UniqueTek Toolhead Clamp Kit™ enables your Dillon 550, 650 and 750 toolheads, and RCBS Pro 2000®/Piggyback™ -3 & -4 dieplates, to be CLAMPED into the press frame. This corrects the loose fit between the toolhead and press frame, thus reducing OAL variation and improving die-to-shellplate alignment.
Toolhead Stand Baseplate (SKU: T1754)Toolhead Stand Baseplate (SKU: T1754)Adds 1.5 pounds to the weight of the Dillon RL 550 / XL 650 / XL 750 Toolhead Stand. (T1754)
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