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650 FailSafe Bracket Kit (SKU: T1677)650 FailSafe Bracket Kit (SKU: T1677)This FailSafe Bracket is machined from 1/4″ 303 Stainless Steel. It is very strong and rigid … ensuring that your powder bar returns fully every time. Plus it features a brass shoulder washer that is held in place with set screws … ensuring that the shoulder washer can't disengage from the Failsafe Bracket!
750 FailSafe Bracket Kit (SKU: T1746)750 FailSafe Bracket Kit (SKU: T1746)This 750 FailSafe Bracket features slotted screw holes that allow the Powder Measure to be rotated enough (about 12 degrees) that the powder bar clears bullet droppers, micrometer seat dies and other extra-tall dies in Stations 3 & 4. from the Failsafe Bracket! At 1/4″ thick, it is very strong and rigid … ensuring that your powder bar returns fully every time. (T1746)
Extended Die Lock Nuts (SKU: T1745)Extended Die Lock Nuts (SKU: T1745)Extended die lock nuts for when you need to put the die lock nut on the bottom of the toolhead. A 0.155″ shoulder gets the hex nut corners clear of the press frame. (T1745)
Foam Grip (SKU: T1527)Foam Grip (SKU: T1527)This foam grip cushions your hand yet provides good "feel" when seating primers. Fits both the Plastic and Aluminum Dillon Roller Handles … as well as most other press handles that are approximately 1" diameter and 4" to 5" long. Sold in a 2-Pack.
Loaded Round Counter (SKU: T1555)Loaded Round Counter (SKU: T1555)The UniqueTek Loaded Round Counter is an electronic counter for your Dillon press that counts only successfully loaded rounds ... not just press cycles. Can also be used on many other reloading presses that have: 1) Have a Crimp Die with an open top, and 2) Have a primer magazine tube or similar place on which to mount the LCD Display Module.
Powder Funnel Cleaning Adapter (SKU: T1758)Powder Funnel Cleaning Adapter (SKU: T1758)This tool holds Dillon powder funnels so they can be spun up in an electric drill while cleaning brass residue off the tip … greatly speeding up the cleaning process. Fits into any electric drill with a 3/8″ or larger chuck. (T1759)
Powder Measure Ground Cord (SKU: T1760)Powder Measure Ground Cord (SKU: T1760)This cord grounds your Dillon Powder Measure to bleed off static charge and prevent ESD. It plugs into any grounded outlet. The 8 foot length is sufficient to reach most wall outlets. Includes 2 Powder Measure Harnesses. (T1760)
Quick-Release Case Cleaner Knob (SKU: T1750)Quick-Release Case Cleaner Knob (SKU: T1750)This Quick-Release Case Cleaner Knob replaces the standard hand knob or wing unt on most vibratory brass polishers. Allows you to get the knob on and off quickly. Available for case cleaners with a 1/4″-20 (T1750-01), 5/18″-18 (T1750-02) and 3/8″-16 (T1750-03) threaded spindles.
SOLO Single Stage Press Conversion Kit (SKU: T1553)SOLO Single Stage Press Conversion Kit (SKU: T1553)The SOLO™ Single Stage Press Conversion Kit converts your Dillon RL 550, XL 650 or XL 750 press to a single stage press. This allows you to perform reloading operations that simply cannot be done using a Dillon progressive reloading press. (See product web page for details and to order the correct kit for your press.)
Toolhead Stand Baseplate (SKU: T1754)Toolhead Stand Baseplate (SKU: T1754)Adds 1.5 pounds to the weight of the Dillon RL 550 / XL 650 / XL 750 Toolhead Stand. (T1754)
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