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Cleaning Kits
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Blank/Starter Pistol Cleaning Kit (SKU: T1624)Blank/Starter Pistol Cleaning Kit (SKU: T1624)This Cleaning Kit contains all the items needed to clean Starter Pistols and Blank Pistols. Compact yet complete, it is handy to take with you to sporting events, dog training, etc. (See product page for details of kit contents.)
Degreezer Small Parts Cleaning System (SKU: T1694)Degreezer Small Parts Cleaning System (SKU: T1694)The Degreezer consists of a 12″ x 6″ x 4.5″ polypropylene tray with an angled drainage surface and a well with a perforated basket for holding and draining small parts. Soaking Well holds 14oz of your favorite gun cleaning solution.
Remington Gun Cleaning Kit (SKU: T1675)Remington Gun Cleaning Kit (SKU: T1675)Remington Gun Cleaning Kit with REM SQUEEG-E. Includes SQUEEG-Es for 22/223/5.56, 30/308/7.62mm, 357/380/9mm and 44/45. (See web page for complete list of kit contents.)
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