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Brian Enos SLIDE-GLIDE (SKU: T1336)Brian Enos SLIDE-GLIDE (SKU: T1336)SLIDE-GLIDE is a uniquely formulated lubricant that protects all firearms from corrosion and wear. It also softens "felt recoil" in all semi-auto's, especially pistols. Availalbe in "Lite" and Standard viscocities.
Dri-SlideĀ® Improved Weapons Lubricant (SKU: T1247)Dri-SlideĀ® Improved Weapons Lubricant (SKU: T1247)Dri-Slide®Improved Weapons Lubricant is a versatile penetrating formula of Super Fine grade Moly with rust and corrosion inhibitors. Newly reformulated specifically for the requirements of weapons lubrication.
Slip 2000 Gun Lube (SKU: T1625)Slip 2000 Gun Lube (SKU: T1625)Slip 2000 synthetic gun lubricant provides benefits of a Cleaner, Lubricant, and a Preservative (CLP). Pack of 6 4ml Tubes.
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