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Knives, Tools, etc
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Ceramic 9mm Retractable Cutter (SKU: T1537)Ceramic 9mm Retractable Cutter (SKU: T1537)Ceramic 9mm Retractable Cutter. Ceramic Blade keeps its edge up to 40 times longer than a steel blade. So you can spend more time cutting and less time replacing blades.There are also No Metallic Components in the holder, so it is impervious to corrosion.
Ceramic E.O.D. Knife (SKU: T1388)Ceramic E.O.D. Knife (SKU: T1388)Ceramic E.O.D. Knife has 3" Black Ceramic Blade and durable high-impact plastic handle. Non-Magnetic and Non-Conductive.
Ceramic Pocket Knife with Clip (SKU: T1674)Ceramic Pocket Knife with Clip (SKU: T1674)This unique folding knife features a 2-3/4" Black Ceramic Drop-Point Blade and countoured Micarta scales finished to give them a "snake skin" appearance. Total weight is only 1.8oz (51 grams)! Pocket Clip is included and is removable.
Light-Load II Shellplate Illuminator (SKU: T1731)Light-Load II Shellplate Illuminator (SKU: T1731)Battery-powered LED light illuminates your Dillon RL 550B, XL 650 or XL 750, Hornady Lock-N-Load AP™ or any progressive press with a vacant die mounting hole. ALSO MAKES A GREAT KEYCHAIN OR POCKET FLASHLIGHT! (T1731)
NanoLITE (SKU: T1762)NanoLITE (SKU: T1762)The NanoLITE ™ is a Stick-up, Go-anywhere Tiny LED Light.
NEBO SLIM Pocket LED Light (SKU: T1696)NEBO SLIM Pocket LED Light (SKU: T1696)The NEBO® SLIM is a thin, ergonomic rechargeable pocket light that outputs 500 lumens of intense bright light. Equipped with full dimming and Power Memory Recall, the SLIM also features a pocket clip, collapsible hanging hook and powerful magnetic base for convenient hands-free lighting.
Rigger's Knife with Marlin Spike (SKU: T1536)Rigger's Knife with Marlin Spike (SKU: T1536)Rigger's Knife with Black Ceramic Blade, Stainless Steel Marlin Spike and Skeletonized 420 Stainless Steel Frame.
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