Powder Measure Adapters
Powder Measure Adapters
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Powder Measure Stand Adapter (SKU: T1573)Powder Measure Stand Adapter (SKU: T1573)The Powder Measure Stand Adapter allows you to store your spare Dillon Powder Measure on a RL550/XL650 Toolhead Stand.*
*Dillon Toolhead Stand not included.
The Perfect Adapter for RCBS (SKU: T1370-RCBS)The Perfect Adapter for RCBS (SKU: T1370-RCBS)THE PERFECT ADAPTER™ for RCBS Uniflow™ allows you to connect your favorite powder measure to your press via a Lee Powder Through Expanding Die or LEE Rifle Charging Die.* Can be used with any powder measure that has industry standard 7/8″-14 die threads. (* Lee PTE or RCD dies are not included.) 
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