RCBS Scale Pan/Funnel
RCBS Scale Pan/Funnel
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When you purchase any powder scale, we recommend you get one accessory ... the RCBS® Scale Pan/Funnel.

The RCBS® Scale Pan/Funnel functions as both a powder pan and a powder funnel. This allows you to transfer the powder charge directly to your cases ... without loosing a single grain of powder. You won't need to pick up a separate funnel, put that on the case, and then pour powder through the funnel. It completely surrounds the case mouth and accepts cases from .22 to .50 caliber.

The RCBS® Scale Pan/Funnel is molded from anti-static black plastic and the inside has a smooth shiny finish so powder slides off easily. The most notable feature is that it has two pour spouts, the "funnel" plus a conventional pour spout. The hood also helps to prevent powder grains from bouncing out of the pan when dispensing.

Integrated Powder Funnel.
Accommodates .22 to .50 caliber cases.
Molded from Anti-Static Polymer
Two Handles for both Right and Left Handed Use.
Flat Bottom for Stability.
Height 1.5"
Length 3.56"
Width 3.02"
Bowl Diameter 2.0"
Bowl Depth (inside) 0.75"
Weight (empty) 97.4 grains (6.31g)
Powder Capacity 200 grains (approx.)

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Great little accessoryMy MTM scale came with a powder cup that was good for weighing my powder, but nothing else (except for dumping it back in the powder bin. This little device lets me measure at random times and if I'm on the right amount, let's me put it right back in the cartridge with no spilling and no static cling remnants in the cup. Thanks, Lee Written by Les S.- St. Louis on Sun 23 Oct 2016 10:49:53 PM GMT
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