GRIPMASTER Hand & Finger Exerciser
GRIPMASTER Hand & Finger Exerciser
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The GRIPMASTER® Hand & Finger Exerciser increases strength, control, endurance and coordination in fingers, hand and forearm ... a compact unit you can carry in your pocket.

Extra-Light Tension (3 lbs per finger) is especially recommended for rehabilitating your grip after an injury or after surgery, including carpal tunnel surgery. The extra-light tension allows you to perform more repetitions and limber up your fingers without excessive stress on muscles and tendons. Discuss the GRIPMASTER® with your doctor to determine if you are ready to begin this type of exercise.

The patented GRIPMASTER® is the only hand exerciser available today which enables you to isolate and develop each finger individually. And because each finger is operated by a completely separate system of muscles and tendons in the hand, wrist and forearm, the only way to achieve optimum conditioning of the hand is with GRIPMASTER®.
Gripmaster Arm Anatomy
Develop and condition
your forearms, wrists,
hands, and fingers
with the amazing GRIPMASTER®.

It will become an integral part of your conditioning.

For Conditioning Stronger Hands, see the Prohands® or Prohands® Tactical.

Customer Feedback
"For best results I have found that every second day is best for me. I downloaded all of the exercises from the Gripmaster web page. I do them all in about 50 minutes. It took me about a month to work up to 15 reps for each exercise using the blue model. the red model is still a little too much for me. The best I have done with the red model is 5 reps for each exercise. I am recovering from carpal tunnel release surgery that I had about 8 months ago. The handle therapist wouldn't let me use the Gripmaster until I was 6 months along with my recovery [always consult your surgeon or physical therapist before using a Gripmaster if you have recently undergone surgery.] IMHO the blue model is all you need to double your hand strength. For me there is no reason to go further. I would say, don't overdo it, proceed slow, go slow."
— Steve M. - San Francisco, CA (3/25/09)

GRIPMASTER is a registered trademark of ACCU-NET LLC
Features Benefits
Exercise each finger individually
Grip shaped like backstrap of pistol grip
Eleven unique exercises target different muscle groups
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