Advantage Tactical Sight (ATS)
Advantage Tactical Sight (ATS)
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Welcome to the future in lightning quick sight acquisition & error free sight alignment... The all steel Advantage Tactical Sight is here!

Lightning Quick Sight Acquisition & Error Free Sight Alignment!

The Advantage Tactical Sight (ATS) was conceptualized to correct the disadvantages of more traditional iron sight arrangements. With practice, the ATS user becomes front sight oriented for increased speed and accuracy as rear sight alignment occurs peripherally and unconsciously ... a natural consequence of acclimation to the ATS.

Approved for USPSA and IDPA Stock Class!

The Patented ATS provides:
Quick target acquisition along with precision accuracy.
Greater target area visibility.
Greater sight visibility in most lighting situations.
Ability to shoot with both eyes open.
Ability to tune sight color scheme to the eyes of the individual shooter.
Sight adjustment without compromising sight strength.

5 COLORS – Select the Right Color Combination for You!
Each ATS comes with 5 colors of sight inserts (RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN & WHITE), allowing for 25 possible color combinations! This allows you to optimize the colors for lighting conditions, target color and your individual perception.

Many shooters find that the clarity of the sight picture with the ATS lends to shooting with both eyes open. However, whether you shoot with one eye or two eyes open, familiarizing yourself with the ATS sight picture is quick and natural.

ATS Sight for Sig Sauer Sig Sauer "Micro Sight"
(Does not replace click adjustable sights.)

Fits only the Sig Sauer P238 .380 pistol.

Note: The Sig Sauer P238 front sight base is a press fit and may need to be professionally installed.

Item No.; T1264-06
$109.95   SUPER SALE: $79.95

Read this new review of the Advantage Tactical Sight in SHOT Business magazine!*
Chris Christian, Good Stuff "The Power of the Pyramid", SHOT Business, volume 19, number 7, December 2011, page 46.
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* SHOT Business is a publication of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

Customer Feedback
"I have been using Advantage Tactical sights on my Glock 21 for several years and found them to be highly effective and reliable. It is my home defense handgun and would not think of using any other sight on it. I even took a training class with Massad Ayoob using the Glock and he indicated he was impressed with them."
— Richard L. - Santa Fe, NM

"I purchased a set of Advantage Tactical sights to replace the Trijicons on my Dan Wesson Guardian. Changing sights was easy. At the range, the transition from notch and post to Advantage Tactical's pyramid/triangle sight picture is painless. I found it to be immediately instinctive. Fill in the triangle and you know you're on target. This is a product that I will change my other guns to."
— Ed P. - Carefree, AZ

Protected by Patents: US 6, 711,846; D489,115 and 7, 946,075 B2
EU EPC 000756168-0001
Advantage Tactical Sight is a trademark of WrenTech Industries, LLC.
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Features Benefits
Solid Metal Sight Base
5 Colors of Sight Inserts Included
25 Possible Color Combinations
Tune Sight Color Scheme to the Eyes of the Individual Shooter.
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