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The PUSHTOOL™ , is the most practical tool on the market today for removing AR rifle push pins. Gone are the days of fumbling with take down and pivot pins. No looking for something that will push pins out and possibly scratch your rifle. The high-density plastic material will not scratch your gun, nor will you be breaking your nails and have to pretend it doesn't hurt.

PUSHTOOL™ Bench Model: $10.95
The Bench Model version of PUSHTOOL™ (shown top right) is great for your workbench or gun cleaning kit. The large round surface is slightly concave, providing a solid anchor for your thumb. This also makes push pin removal effortless.
Pushtool Key Ring PUSHTOOL™ Key Ring: $10.95
The Key Ring version of PUSHTOOL™ (shown bottom right) is the best tool for removing AR rifle push pins in the field. The keyring makes it easy to always keep it with you. You can attach it to your tactical belt or harness or the zipper tab of your range bag. You can even carry it in your pocket with your keys on it! Add a length of paracord as a leash and you'll never loose it in the weeds if you drop it.
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