Brass Wizard
Brass Wizard
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The Brass Wizard™ is designed to make gathering your spent cartridge cases efficient and easy ... as well as saving your back in the process. The Brass Wizard™ quickly picks up most centerfire metallic pistol and rifle cases, and shot hulls. I've even used it to pick up .50 BMG brass!

Just roll the Brass Wizard™ over the cases and they pop into the basket! It picks up brass from sand, dirt, grass and hard surfaces. It will hold about 25 to 35 pistol cases before needing to be emptied.

The Brass Wizard™ will pick up:
Pistol Brass: .380 Auto, 9mm, .38/.357, 40 S&W, .45 ACP, 45 Colt, and up!
Rifle Brass: .223, .308, 30-06, 45-70, etc.
Shotgun Hulls: .410 bore through 12 GA.*
50 BMG: Yes, even 50 BMG and other large bore rifle brass.*

* Capacity will be significantly reduced with picking up shot hulls and .50 BMG brass. When picking up a mixture of pistol, rifle and shot hulls, we recommend picking up the shot hulls first, emptying the basket and then going back for the pistol and rifle brass.

Will not damage the brass cartridge cases or shot hulls
Eliminates bending over
Eliminates handling of dirty brass
Minimizes pick up of dirt, stones and debris

Brass Wizard Dumper AccessoryDumper Accessory
Each Brass Wizard™ comes with a "Dumper" accessory. The Dumper is a wire bracket that attaches to the rim of a bucket and allows for easy and fast emptying in just seconds. Just lower the Brass Wizard™ down over the Dumper, give a little twist, and the cartridge cases will drop into the bucket. In the photo at left, the Dumper is on a 2 gal paint bucket.*
* Bucket not included.

Telescoping Handle
The Brass Wizard™comes standard with a telescoping aluminum handle.

Shortens from 49" to 30.5" for easier transportation
Twist-Lock mechanism is easy to use and locks in either direction.
1" Diameter Aluminum tubing is strong, durable and rust free.
Comfortable PVC Grip with convenient hang-up loop.

Brass Wizard Telescoping Handle!

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Sheila Link; Gear & Gadgets; Women&Guns; Volume 21, Number 2, March-April 2010, page 45. Click Here to Read

Todd G. Lofgren; "Cooler Cowboys & Brass Pickers. Keeping cool and cleaning up — just got a lot easier!"; Gear & Garb; Guns of the Old West; #79, Summer 2012, pages 8 and 80.

Customer Feedback
"What a nice surprise – my Brass wizard™ is here, and it's much nicer than I was expecting. I must have seen a cheap Brand X knockoff at the range and had the good fortune to order your product instead. The weather here today is really crummy, but it makes me want to visit the local range anyway, if for no other reason than to be a brass vulture. Seriously, my back thanks you. You have a spiffy product. Perhaps even keen. Shoot safe. PS – just picked up some brass off the office floor. Keen, definitely keen."
— Carl H. – Mexia, TX

"I'm an older guy in my late 60's and disabled with severe back injures, so bending over is not an option for me. It [the Brass Wizard™] worked perfectly. We were picking up brass with it all day in dirt and long grass. We have had a lot of rain this year and the grass is very long in places and the Brass Wizard picked up all of our brass without a problem. At one point I had a lot of .38 on dirt mixed with pine cones, it only took me seconds to pickup my brass. The Brass Wizard, just pushed the big ones [pine cones] out of the way and picked up the brass. I just bought a Uberti 1873 rifle and ... fired 450 rounds that day. If you could see the brass on the ground the Brass Wizard would pick it up. Thanks."
— Dave H. – Union City, CA

"GOT OUT AND TRIED IT ON DIRT AND A FEW SMALL ROCKS. IT WORKS! PICKS UP .45ACP EASILY. THANK YOU AND MY BACK THANKS YOU AS WELL! I've taken my poor wife along with me when shooting because, due to a back injury, I couldn't pick up my brass. She's a great sport, but now she is off the hook. No more bending and pain, just fun again."
"I was leery of purchasing something advertised sight unseen like this but took the gamble and it turned out better than expected. It rests in the back seat of my pickup."
— Greg H. - Pendleton, OR

"The Brass Wizard is very effective! Almost fun to use and no back breakin' bending over repeatedly! I will be giving this item info to the other clubs as we talked about and hopfully they will be getting some."
— Mike W. – Kansas City, MO

"It arrived today! And I love it! I can't wait to take it to a range on Saturday!"
— Frank L. – Kempner, TX

"Received my brass picker yesterday and took it to a shoot today. What a great product. Everyone was very pleased with the way it picked up brass with NO back aches. That's important when you don't have youngin' to be pickin' up the brass. Best money that I have spent in a long time. Once again, great product and works as advertised!"
— Loren C. – Silver City, NM

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Also known as Ammo Wizard, Holt's Nut Wizard, the New Brass Wizard or brass picker upper.
Brass Wizard, Brass Wizard II and Brass Wizard "Rimfire" are trademarks of UniqueTek, Inc.
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