G-Rx Push Thru Base Sizing Die
G-Rx Push Thru Base Sizing Die
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Redding G-Rx LogoThe G-Rx Push Thru Base Sizing Die, from Redding Reloading Equipment, is designed to restore fired cases from .40 S&W autoloading pistols that exhibit a bulge near the base. The G-Rx Die fully resizes the bulged area of the fired case back to within the accepted SAAMI specifications for case diameter. The case may then be resized in a standard sizing die for the remaining reloading process. Also sizes 10mm Auto cases.

It's just what the doctor ordered to cure your bulged .40 S&W cases.

The Redding G-Rx Push Thru Base Sizing Die set is comprised of a pusher rod which fits into the ram like a shell holder plus the unique push through sizing die with lock ring. To use, the case is set on top of the pusher. Then the ram is raised to push the case entirely through the die. The die has a rebated section at its top to hold the finished case so that it may be easily removed. With the Redding G-Rx Die you can remove the bulge from literally hundreds of cases per hour preparing them for the reloading process.

The G-Rx die also works on 357 Sig Brass!
The 357 Sig has the same base dimensions and therefore the Redding G-Rx die for 40 S&W can act as a perfect base sizing die for this caliber as well.

WARNING: Do not use to size live ammunition!

The G-Rx Push Thru Base Sizing Die sets include:*
* The Redding "Boss" reloading press, shown in photos, is not included.
G-Rx Die Set Steel Steel Die Set (T1326-S) = $44.95
— Base Sizing Die body (steel)
— Die Lock Ring
— Shellholder/Pushrod
Imperial Sizing Die Wax, 1/4oz - Included FREE!
G-Rx Die Set Carbide Carbide Die Set (T1326-C) = $89.95 SOLD OUT!
— Base Sizing Die body (carbide)
— Die Lock Ring
— Easy Feed Shellholder/Pushrod †
† The Easy Feed Shellholder/Pushrod (with Spring-Loaded Cup) is available only with the carbide version. It can not be purchased separately.

Read reviews of the G-Rx Push Thru Base Sizing Die in:
Handloader; August 2010, Pistol Pointers, by Charles E. Petty, Pages 28-29 and 92. Click Here to Read
Front Sight; May/June 2009, Neil on Reloading, by Guy Neill, pages 60 and 62. Click Here to Read

Customer Feedback
"I immediately used it to size more than 200 cases of 40S&W brass with pregnant base ... WOW ... it works!!! it is a joy to use it knowing that I saved those pregnant brass from discarding them away. Thanks ... Ernie."
— Ernie C. – Falls Church, VA

Redding Reloading logo 100% American Made

Sizes The Following Cases .40 S&W, 10mm Auto and .357 SIG
Die Material Available in Steel or Carbide
Die Thread 7/8″-14
Die Length 1.877" Steel / 2.067" Carbide
Shell Holder Fits All Popular Presses

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
great for 40 SW and 10mmI have used my carbide version for aver 2 years and absolutely would not reload 40 sw range brass with out it. A 2 liter bottle fit in the adapter perfectly. Written by David McClendon on Thu 4 Jan 2018 5:53:09 PM GMT
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