Powder Measure Drain-N-Change Tool
Powder Measure Drain-N-Change Tool
Drain-N-Change Tool™ - In Use
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The Powder Measure Drain-N-Change™ Tool Allows users of Dillon reloading presses to drain gunpowder or change powder bars without removing the powder measure from the toolhead or press.

Operations You can Perform:
Drain Powder Measure without removing from press or toolhead
Remove Powder Bar without draining powder
Change between any two powder bars (all 4 sizes) without draining powder

The Powder Measure Drain-N-Change™ Tool drains 100% of the powder from the powder measure hopper, leaving the powder measure completely empty and ready to be filled with the next gunpowder.

FITS all versions of the Dillon Auto Powder Measure.
DOES NOT FIT the older, manually operated Dillon Powder Measure as it uses a smaller size (narrower) powder bar.
DOES NOT FIT the Belted Magnum Powder System as it uses a taller powder bar.
NOT RECOMMENDED FOR ULTRA FINE GRAINED POWDERS Ultra fine grained powders (e.g. Win 296, CFE 223, etc. can get between the Drain-N-Change Tool and the powder measure casting, jamming the tool.

1 Drain-N-Change™ Tool Services All of your Powder Measures!
Since the Drain-N-Change Tool is only used while draining powder or changing powder bars, and not a permanent installation, you only need one tool to service all of your powder measures.

Using Drain-N-Change™ Tool to Drain Powder Measure .

Using Drain-N-Change™ Tool to Remove Powder Bar.

Q: Why would I ever want to change powder bars with the same powder in the hopper?
A: You may occasionally need to load a powder weight that can be achieved with either the small or large powder bars (in approximately the 6-15 grain range). Which powder bar should you use? Test both powder bars and determine which powder bar gives you the most consistent powder drop weights with that powder. Using the Drain-N-Change™ Tool, you can change powder bars in just a few minutes ... without draining the powder!

Q: Will the Drain-N-Change™ work if I have a Micrometer Powder Bar Kit™ installed on my powder bar?
A: Yes. It will work just fine. The micrometer installation will make no difference in the way the Drain-N-Change™ tool is used.

1) The photo showing the Powder Measure Drain-N-Change™ Tool installed in a powder measure was taken using the prototype that was machined from white Delrin®, as this was easier to see clearly in the photograph. The final version is machined from black Delrin® as shown in the close-up photo.
2) The powder measure, funnel and other reloading accessories shown in the photographs and video are not included with the Drain-N-Change™ Tool.

Drain-N-Change is a trademark of UniqueTek, Inc.
Delrin is a registered trademark of DUPONT POLYMERS, INC.
Drain-N-Change Instructions
Made in USA Logo

Material Black Delrin®
Powder Drain Hole 0.40" dia.
Dimensions (Large End) 11/16"H X 13/16"W
Dimensions (Small End) 5/16"H X 13/16"W
Length (Overall) 6"
Features Benefits
Machined from Solid Delrin® For Durablility
Black Color Won't Show Powder Staining
Low Friction For Smooth Operation

Customer Reviews

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Great Idea That Works!I got this to use on my brand-new Dillon XL750 powder measure. I've been using 6 different powders and 8 different bullet manufacturers to do load development and see what runs the best in my 9mm handgun for USPSA events. So I've been having to change powders frequently. This is by far the best way to do it! I watched the video on how to use it and made-up a funnel with a clear piece of tubing attached to it and then just loosened the failsafe bolt and removed the powder bar(s) by pushing in the tool from the front. It's nice that you can stop the emptying process by just sliding the tool forward and restart the flow by pushing it back in again. This is the only way to change powders--because before I got this, I had to remove the failsafe linkage, loosen the bolts holding the powder measure on the press head, and then dump out the powder from the top of the reservoir which was a pain in the neck! If you'll ever need to change powders or empty a Dillon powder measure, get this tool! Written by Sonny Ftr on Tue 3 Dec 2019 1:18:27 AM GMT
Great ToolAs with many Uniquetek products you don't know how useful this tool is until you use it. Great way for returning powder back into the jug for storage. Highly recommend. Written by John Duncan on Thu 15 Mar 2018 3:50:55 AM GMT
An Awesome Tool!While I have owned a Powder Measure Drain N Change tool for a couple years, I have never used it. Last night I found myself in a spot where I was needed to load up 1000 rounds for a class this weekend, but was too low on my favorite powder to get there. But I had plenty of my second favorite powder, so it became necessary to change powders. While in the past I have taken the powder measure assembly off my 650, dump it back in the container, go outside and blow the system out with compressed air, then reinstall and carry on. Then I remembered seeing an email a week ago where on video you demonstrated the use of the Drain N Change tool. Stinkin’ awesome man! Saved me a bunch of time, along with the Micrometer adjustment too already in use on my press, I was racking out rounds in short time.

The thing about an efficient press like the 650 is the other necessary stuff to do takes a while. I almost can’t wait to change back to N320 when it comes in!!! Thanks again!
Written by Don Stinson on Wed 17 May 2017 6:47:15 PM GMT
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