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Shell Sorter
Shell Sorter Set - Trays Nested in OrderShell Sorter Set on 5gal Pail
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The Shell Sorter™ is a simple product designed to reduce the time spent sorting brass by caliber, allowing you to enjoy more time reloading and shooting!

The Shell Sorter™ is comprised of three pans designed to sort several common calibers. The fastest way to sort brass is to stack all three of the Shell Sorter™ pans together with the yellow pan on top, and the black on the bottom. That way all your brass is sorted in one pass. The Shell Sorter™ is designed to sit on top of a common 5 gallon paint pail. With a few shakes your brass is sorted by caliber. All the trash (e.g. rimfire cases, gravel, dirt, tumbling media) and cases smaller than .38 caliber, end up in the pail.

Sorts Shells By Caliber
The three main calibers that most reloaders sort are 45 ACP, 40 S&W, and 9mm. The Shell Sorter™ pans are labeled according to those three main calibers. But the Shell Sorter™ pans do sort many more calibers! The following chart shows some of those calibers and the Shell Sorter™ pan that they end up in.

Yellow Blue Black Pail
45 ACP
45 GAP
44 Mag.
50 AE
243 Win.
308 Win.
45 Colt
40 S&W
357 Mag.
38 Spl.
380 ACP
38 Super
223 Rem.
22 rimfire
17 HMR
32 ACP
25 ACP
tumble media

Benefits and Features:
Sort before tumbling and most shells nested inside of each other will come apart with the shaking, making them less likely to jam together with small bits of media.
The Shell Sorter™ pans can also take the place of your media sifter. Just tumble, pour your brass into the appropriate sorter(s) and shake a bit. Your media drops into the bucket and your brass is ready for the next step.
Use at the range so that you only bring home brass in the caliber(s) that you reload.
Great for IDPA and USPSA shooters. If you reload as much as they do, you NEED a Shell Sorter™!
Made from ABS, a very strong plastic which will give a lifetime of service.

Read reviews of the Shell Sorter in the following magazines!
Robert Ray; The Tactical Advantage; IDPA Tactical Journal; First Quarter 2009, volume 13 - issue 1, page 25. Click Here to Read

Todd G. Lofgren; "Cooler Cowboys & Brass Pickers. Keeping cool and cleaning up — just got a lot easier!"; Gear & Garb; Guns of the Old West; #79, Summer 2012, page 80.

Customer Feedback
"I can now tell you first hand the case sorter makes short work of sorting cases. I sorted about a thousand cases in just a few minutes. They were a mixed bag of 45, 40, 9mm and 380. The sorter segregated them easily and accurately. I am very pleased as this saves a lot of time especially with the 9mm and 380. The size of those cases are so close sometimes I would get a 380 mixed in with the 9mm in my case feeder, which stops the whole operation. Thanks."
— Richard W. - Houston, TX

Shell Sorter™ Plates
Separating 380 Auto or 38 Super Auto from 9mm is a difficult task since they are very close in size. The tolerances necessary could not be obtained in plastic, which is why these Sorter Plates are laser cut from 0.088″ thick aluminum.

380 Shell Sorter™ Plate
The 380 Auto Shell Sorter™ plate separates 380 Auto brass from 9mm. After sorting all of your brass through the 3 plastic Shell Sorter™ pans, place the plate in either the blue or yellow pan with the slots aligned. Run the contents of the black pan (containing .380, 9mm and 38 SA) through this setup. The 380 will fall through both the plate and pan and into the bucket below. The 9mm and 38 Super will remain on the plate. You can alternatively use the 38 Super Auto plate first, then sort again using the 380 Auto plate.
The 380 Auto plate can also be used to separate 9mm from .223/5.56!

38 Super Shell Sorter™ Plate
The 38 Super Shell Sorter™ plate separates 38 Super Auto brass from 9mm. The design of this plate is the same as the 380 Shell Sorter™ plate but with slots of a different size. Because the 380 Auto and 38 Super Auto plates look identical, a 1/4″ hole is drilled near the edge in the 38 Super plate to differentiate the two. After sorting all of your brass through the 3 plastic Shell Sorter™ pans, place the plate in either the blue or yellow pan. Run the contents of the black pan (containing .380, 9mm and 38 SA) through this setup. The 9mm and 380 will fall through both the plate and pan into the bucket below. The 38 Super will remain suspended on the plate, usually by the rim. You can alternatively use the 380 Auto plate first, then again sort using the 38 Super Auto plate.

Shell Sorter 3-Tray Set (T1356-SSS) = $44.95 / SALE $41.95
.380 Auto Sorter Plate (T1356-380) = $22.95
.38 Super Auto Sorter Plate (T1356-38SA) = $24.95

Tip! How to Automate the Shell Sorting Process.
Check out this YouTube video that shows how to automate the shell sorting process by coupling the Shell Sorter™ trays and a 5-gallon pail to the top of your vibratory brass polisher. This is really trick!!!

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Shell Sorter
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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
I don't know how i've done without these..I wish I had bought them earlier. They just work. Written by Bill Rupp on Sun 18 Jul 2021 10:50:36 AM GMT
I can't believe it...I've owned my Shell Sorter set for quite a while, and just discovered that if you use the Yellow bowl, then the Blue bowl then the aluminum plate in the Yellow bowl, you will be able to separate the .223/5.56 (plus everything smaller than 380 auto) brass from the 9mm. In other words, the .223/5.56 brass passes through the 380 Shell Sorter plate, but the 9mm doesn't Written by Ken Deans on Tue 22 Oct 2019 9:34:10 PM GMT
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