Imperial Sizing Die Wax
Imperial Sizing Die Wax
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Imperial Sizing Die Wax is possibly the most recognized product for case lubrication. Because of its superior performance, and ease of application and cleanup, it has been a favorite of knowledgeable reloaders for years.

Non Sticky
No Application Pad Needed - Just rub on with your finger tips
Makes forming of cases easier with less chance of Dented Shoulders
Great for Push-Thru Base Sizing Dies, Shoulder Bump Dies, Reforming Dies and other Extreme Pressure applications
Recommended by Larry Willis for his Belted Magnum Collet Resizing Die
Economical: A 2oz container could last a lifetime of reloading

Redding is committed to maintaining the integrity of this product by producing Imperial Sizing Die Wax to the exact Le Clear Industries formulation that made it so popular.

— Packaged in 2 oz. container.

Redding Reloading logo 100% American Made

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