Imperial Bio-Green Case Lube
Imperial Bio-Green Case Lube
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Imperial Bio-Green Case Lube is a plant based, bio-degradable lubricant that offers a highly effective, totally renewable substitute to traditional petroleum based case lubricants. It may be used on any pad type applicator to provide superior lubrication.

This new, non-petroleum lube, said to be "as slippery as traditional Imperial Die Wax", can be used on any pad type-lubricant applicator. Clean-up is easy because the lube is water-soluble and the lube won't stain your brass.

Bio-green is a perfect case lube for use with ultrasonic cleaners as there is no petroleum to contaminate the ultra-sonic cleaning solution, Redding says reloaders should be able to "clean a lot more cases before changing the [ultrasonic] fluid."

Note: When changing case lubes it is generally recommended to start with a new, clean case lube pad. This is especially important when changing from a petroleum based lube to a bio-based lube such as Imperial Bio-Green.

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