Deburring Tool
Deburring Tool
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Removes burrs and bevels case mouths for easy bullet seating. Hardened precision ground flutes make clean, easy, chatterfree cuts. Accepts all cases from .17 to .45 caliber.

Use the deburr end to remove any exterior burrs from the case mouth. The deburr cutter has a pilot that helps keep the case mouth centered ... especially helpful with small cases (e.g. .17 cal. to .22 cal.). It is generally recommended to deburr first, then chamfer the case mouth.

Just insert the pointed end into the case mouth and, with a few twists of the wrist, a nice chamfer will be created. This chamfer not only makes for easy, smooth bullet seating and prevents shaving material off of lead cast bullets, it also creates a clean edge for consistent bullet release.

Case trimming usually puts a burr on the case mouth which should be "cleaned up" before loading. But new brass can also benefit from a little clean up.

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Case Sizes .17 to .45 cal.
Chamfer Flutes 6
Deburr Flutes 3
Chamfer/Deburr Angle 30 degrees
Pilot (deburr) 0.150" dia.
Length 2-1/3"
Diameter 5/8"
Material Steel, Heat Treated
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