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KynSHOT™ hydraulic recoil dampers install quickly in AR10 Rifles, replacing and outperforming the best standard mass and spring buffer technologies that are currently available. They reduce wear and tear, cut down on shoulder fatigue and get and stay on target quicker.

Improves: KynShot Guarantee
Shoulder Flinching
Felt Recoil
Service Life

Law Enforcement, Sportsmen, and Competitive Shooters all will benefit from an immediate improvement in weapon performance. Robust stainless steel construction provides maximum corrosion resistance for use in wet environments.

Available In Three Sizes for the AR10 Platform
"Shortie": For .308 cal. AR rifles with collapsible stocks using 2½″ buffers (T1504-1) - Out of Stock
Carbine: For .308 cal. AR rifles with collapsible stocks using 3½″ buffers (T1504-2) - Out of Stock
Fixed Stock: For .308 cal. AR rifles with fixed stocks (T1504-3) - Only 1 Remaining!

Customer Feedback
"Just a quick note to tell you that I installed a Kynshot Recoil Damper in my AR-10. What a difference it made for my bad shoulder. Installed a good muzzle break and now I have a 308 that feels like a 223. Enjoy shooting it as much as my AR-15, just longer range targets. Thanks."
— Jim D. - Mesa, AZ

Note: This product can not be shipped outside the United States in accordance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

Piston Shaft Hard Chromed
Body Stainless Steel
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