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Bore-tips™ are tough, reusable foam tips engineered for a tight bore fit that provides 360 degree contact with the bore. No more messing with jags or having to attach poor fitting patches to the cleaning rod. Bore-tips™ thread onto any standard cleaning rod and perform much better than patches.

Washable and reusable, they offer an economical method for keeping your firearm clean.

Bore-tips™ Features And Benefits:
FAST PATCHLESS CLEANING; solves the shortcomings of the jag and patch.
Each tip is reusable and can be cleaned with solvents* or soap and water.
Fiber free, will not shed or leave lint behind as cotton will.
Fits Bore Tightly; filling the lands and grooves of the rifling, not sliding over the top like a patch.
Threads Fit standard Cleaning Rods:
     .22 cal to .45 cal fit 8-32 cleaning rods.
     .50 cal and Shotgun sizes fit 5/16-27 cleaning rods.
Can be used with most commercially available bore solvents* and lubricants.

How To Use And Clean Bore-Tips™
Bore-tips can be used and cleaned multiple times. For details on using and cleaning Bore-tips Click Here.

Bore-tips™ Sizes and Package Quantity:
.22cal/5.56mm: 6 Bore-tips per Package (T1507-01)= $4.95/pk — SOLD OUT
.243cal.: 6 Bore-tips per Package (T1507-02)= $4.95/pk — SALE = $3.95
.30cal./7.62mm/28GA: 6 Bore-tips per Package (T1507-04)= $4.95/pk — SOLD OUT
.357cal./9mm: 6 Bore-tips per Package (T1507-03)= $4.95/pk — SOLD OUT
.40cal./10mm/.410 Bore: 5 Bore-tips per Package (T1507-05)= $5.95/pk — SOLD OUT
.45cal.: 5 Bore-tips per Package (T1507-06)= $5.95/pk — SOLD OUT
.50cal./28GA: 3 Bore-tips per Package (T1507-07)= $9.95/pk — SALE = $7.95
 20GA: 3 Bore-tips per Package (T1507-08)= $9.95/pk — SALE = $7.95
 12GA: 3 Bore-tips per Package (T1507-09)= $9.95/pk — SOLD OUT

Customer Feedback
"I clean my 1911 each day that I shoot it. The .45 swabs [Bore-tips] are perfect for cleaning and mobbing the barrel — no patches needed. The Q-tip like ones [Gun-tips] are great for getting into the nooks and crannies for my 1911 and revolvers too. They [Bore-tips and Gun-tips] clean up like a dream and are ready to go for the next time."
— Cristine McPhail. - AZ (SASS #89955)

* Bore-tips™ are not recommended for use with solvents designed to remove plastic. Gun-tips™ are NOT compatible with both G96 brand and aerosol solvents.
Bore-tips™ are compatible with UniqueTek Premium Firearms Cleaner™. It can also be used to clean Bore-tips™ after use.
Bore-tips is a trademark of Super Brush, LLC.
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